May 06, 2013

The Walk for Babies

A week ago Saturday we got up bright and early. Okay mom got up bright and early and everyone else got up when they normally do. Why is it that kids do not take advantage of being able to sleep in and have to wake up when the sun comes up? We did get everyone ready and out of the house by 7:50 which is a big deal around here. My goal was 7:30 so we would have time to stop for coffee but so with the delay coffee was had after the walk! We were very excited to participate in the Walk for Babies that was held by the March of Dimes again this year. We were not able to do it last year because I was already pregnant with the four little munchkins. It is always amazing to see the turnout for this event. I believe I had heard that there were 7,000 walkers this year in Sacramento and I don't think this takes into account all the little ride-alongs who are relaxing in  their strollers.

This year we did the shorter walk (3 miles) and by the time we finished it was time to get out of dodge. The babies who had missed their morning nap were letting us know that they wanted out of their stroller. Isabella can be quite the drama queen when she wants to be. Next year we hope to go back to the capitol and join in the festivities that are held afterwards.

We want to thank those that generously sponsered us in our walk:
  • Tom & Jenny Campbell
  • Scott & Mari Bradford
  • Grammie Helaine
  • Grandpa & Grandma Maier
  • Emily Lambert 
If you have never walked for a cause I strongly urge you to find a cause that is near and dear to your heart and join in their walk. There are so many organizations that now do these walks to raise money and they are so much fun. Our family loves participating in the March of Dimes and the Down Syndrome walks. You don't have to raise a ton of money for them. Any small donation is a huge for them and it is so much fun to get together with people you have never met that feel the same way for a cause.

Izzie was so tired. This was moments before she let us know just how tired.

We were in the front of the walk. It is amazing how many people come out for such a great organization.

So glad we got a picture of this balloon because it soon went up in the sky and Drew cried a river for his forever lost balloon. Helium in balloons and little kids never ends well.

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  1. I love that you did this with the whole family. It's not easy getting out like that, but worthwhile!


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