August 18, 2012

Birth Story (Thursday, August 9)

I can not believe that I am writing the birth story of my four absolutely beautiful babies. How am I a mom to four more and no longer pregnant? It happened so fast that I haven't quite had the time to think of all that has happened. So on Thursday I had blogged that I had been admitted but everything was on a holding pattern for a day or two. The kids had all done great on the monitor that afternoon so we were just hanging out. My sister and fiancĂ© brought up dinner and then my mom came and joined us too. Everyone left around 8 and the night nurse started my second monitoring of the babies for the day. She found all the babies rather quickly and asked me what Baby D had been running earlier in the day and I told her 130-150. Paul looked at me and said that it was now running around 80. They made sure it wasn't my heartbeat and tried moving the toco. The heart rate would improve but then come back down. At first I wasn't too worried because we had never had problems with D and thought that they were just having a hard time finding his heart rate because I could feel and see him moving. My nurse and the charge nurse had both been in my room and the charge left to call the doctor very calmly. Very quickly more nurses arrived in my room and an oxygen mask was placed. 
The turning point of knowing this pregnancy was not lasting much longer
This is when I knew things were not good. Paul stepped back and I could see the worry in his eyes. As they were having me turn side to side to try and get the heartbeat up I looked at Paul and said you need to call my mom. He asked what he was suppose to tell her and I said just tell her to come now. The charge nurse came back in and said the doctor was on his way in and we were delivering. Oh my gosh....I was not ready for this. D had never caused us a problem...I could still feel him was too soon. Back to reality and I was telling Paul he needed to get the photographer there because she couldn't miss it. He needed to call my sister. He needed to call our best friends so they could figure out what to do with our kids. Oh my his dad was landing in 45 minutes, someone needed to pick him up. WE WERE HAVING BABIES!! A nurse came over and started a 16 gauge iv and I didn't even flinch. The adrenaline was high and I was shaking like crazy. I had nurses everywhere. The ob doctor on call came by to use ultrasound to make sure the heartbeat was matching what was on the monitor and we could see the baby moving but a heartbeat that stayed around 100 beats per minute. I agreed that we needed to deliver and he was going to be assisting.
A room that got very busy very quickly
Anesthesia came and started yelling out orders. I have a bleeding disorder and needed certain meds before delivery. Pharmacy needed to get them there now! I was thankful I needed these meds because I knew it would buy me a little time for everyone to arrive. Another iv needed to be placed and the sweet nurse was distraught because she forgot the lidocaine. I looked at her and said just put it in. She could not believe that I was telling her to put another huge iv in without numbing it. I said I need to get these kids here, just put it in. At this time I quickly grabbed my phone to post on Facebook that the babies were coming and asked for prayers. I got in trouble from the anesthesiologist for being on my phone and I just gave her a nasty look as I continued typing and then I did put it away. My mom arrived and she had been crying and I started when I saw her. She snuck over and gave me a rosary that remained in my hand the entire delivery. She said she had been praying to the Blessed Mary and I told her I had been too. I knew she would watch over me and my babies. My sister was the next to arrive and her fiancĂ© Jess was on his way to pick up Paul's dad. I was getting fluids through my iv and now I was having very painful contractions because I had a very full bladder. I asked for a bed pan but with about ten people working on me I was unable to go so I asked for my catheter now instead of waiting for my epidural. They thought I was crazy and I said the contractions are that bad...I need a catheter. Sometimes discomfort just doesn't matter. Paul had now changed into OR scrubs and it hit me that it was happening. 
A very scared daddy watching from the doorway
Our quad pregnancy had made it just hours short of 30w6d and we were going to meet our babies. Monica, our friend and photographer arrived just as I was being moved to the gurney. I was very disappointed that I couldn't walk to the delivery room but the whole delivery wasn't going as I had planned so I had to give it up. Later that evening I couldn't believe how perfect everything went and I knew that everything happened for a reason and it couldn't have gone better. It was a wonderful experience and I wouldn't have changed any aspect of the delivery. I was wheeled out of my room and kissed my mom and sister as I passed them.
Nervous Grandma and Auntie
 I was taken to the operating room and Paul and Monica waited outside the door. We would meet up again in about 15 minutes for our children's birth! I moved over to the OR table and anesthesia put in my epidural and it was so easy. I had an anesthesiologist and a crna that were great and explained everything that they were doing. My doctor was also in there during setup and we were having a great pre-party. I was now numb and the room got busy. Paul and Monica were brought in and I had already talked to the doctor about having a moment to say a prayer prior to go time so we prayed over all in the operating room and for those that would care for our children that evening. Paul then kissed me one last time as a mother of three. He told me everyone had made it including his dad and our best friends. It was now time to meet our kids. 

It wasn't to long later that I heard baby A was coming. The baby was lifted up and I heard the smallest of cries and "It's a girl"! A louder cry was heard and the tears started coming. My littlest baby had been born and she was crying. I was so happy. It wasn't to long after I had been quickly shown our baby girl and I heard another cry and was shown another little girl. I then got a tad nervous and I know Paul did too after we realized the first two were girls. The doctor then said come here sweetheart and I couldn't believe it was a third little girl but then I looked up at Paul and he had tears glistening in his eyes and he was giggling and said Drew has a brother! Paul was so happy he had a son. It was now time to get the trouble maker out and it took a little bit and Paul said they really had to pull him down. And with a fourth cry I heard its a boy. The whole OR was so excited for us. We got two girls and two just couldn't get better. I was shown each baby quickly as they were taken out of the room. Paul followed baby D out and I couldn't believe I just gave birth to four babies. Every baby got its own birth minute from 22:24-22:27 and everyone of them came out crying. Baby B and C both had meconium in their bag of water so it was definitely time for these babies to be born. They had all showed signs that they were stressed in mommy. The next thirty minutes I spent in the OR and was the most uncomfortable throughout the entire procedure. I was nauseous and felt a very heavy feeling on my chest. This lasted throughout my recovery period and as long as I kept looking to the left the nausea was tolerable and the heaviness I was told was due to my diaphragm expanding after taking four babies out. The doctor confirmed I really wanted my tubes tied and I confirmed that I was certain. He said he cut, tied and burned the ends of my tubes so if a sperm jumped he wasn't to be blamed. I said if I got pregnant after all that it was meant to be! All of the babies except Baby A we're wheeled in to the OR so I could see them before their trip to the nicu. They were all on bcpap and I couldn't believe they were all mine! 

After I was stitched up I was moved into recovery. Still nauseous and with that elephant sitting on my chest but doing well. I had been told a while back that only Paul and Monica would be allowed into the recovery room but since it was night time and I was the only patient my entire family was allowed in.
Proud daddy and grandparents
It was so fun to see their expressions as they walked into the recovery room. I could not believe the weights of the babies. They were great sizes for being 31 week quads. 

Finally sometime after midnight I was taken on a gurney to see my babies. It didn't feel real. As I was taken to each baby's bedside I truly felt I was getting report before work. I couldn't comprehend that they were mine. I wish I could say I feel instantly in love but I was so concerned for their health that I was in the role of nurse more than mother. 
Baby C in the nicu
I then went back to my room and the celebration continued. I felt so bad for my roommate but she didn't once complain. I pumped for the first time while everyone else went to the waiting room to eat hamburgers. Everyone started trickling home and dad went and checked on his babies one last time for the night. All babies were on bubbles and were doing well. Baby D was working the hardest of all of them. All had iv fluids for nutrients but no antibiotics were needed. 

Finally at 3:00am after wishing each other a very happy 10 year anniversary mom and dad crawled into bed. Dad was instantly asleep and I laid there and couldn't believe all that had happened in the last six hours. I went from a mom of three to a mom of seven. Baby A, B, C, and and dad love you so much and welcome to our family!

More pictures of the birth will come on another post when we get the pictures back from Monica so stay tuned!!


  1. It is amazing how quickly things change! What a beautiful story to share with your four angels. I can not imagine how exciting it was to find out gender in delivery and it was two girls, two boys! I can't wait to see more pictures :)

  2. What a wonderful story, I am shedding tears of joy for you and your family. Congratulations to you and Paul on your 4 little miracles! They are beautiful blessings and will continue to be in my prayers.

  3. This blog is a gorgeous source of valuable information! Do you mind if I reblog a couple of of your posts on my own blog?

    1. Please do not repost my postings. Thank you.


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