August 19, 2013

One Year Update

Over the last 365 days we have been lucky enough to be your mom and dad. Some days it is exhausting and we look forward to bedtime but most days we can't believe you are ours. The four of you have not only grown our family from 5 to 9 but you have truly made our family grow. I can honestly say that before we got pregnant with you we had our priorities a little backwards. Material things meant a lot to your mom & dad and we use to dream about all the things we wanted in life. The bigger the better was how we were living our life. But becoming pregnant with four babies taught us so much about life and what really matters. There was no guarantee that even though we were pregnant with quadruplets we would get to bring four babies home with us. There was so much that could happen from the first time we saw four beating hearts on the ultrasound until the day we walked out of the nicu for the final time. We quickly learned that a large mansion, or an expensive car, or the greatest vacation in the world did not mean a thing when you were talking about bringing four lives into the world. We had to rely on one another and our family during these long days and not things. The journey of having you in my tummy was the beginning of showing mom and dad what really mattered in life. It isn't the stuff it is the ones we love. And in the evenings when I have four babies crawling all over me planting wide mouthed wet kisses on my face, or when your big brother looks at me while he is getting dressed in the morning and says 'I love you', or when your sister Natalie stretches up on her tippy toes to give me a kiss or each night when Aubrey is cuddled up against me as she sleeps these are the moments I now live for. These are the times that I understand unconditional love and I have the four of you to thank for showing me why we are here on this side of heaven. 

Kenzie Rae
You have been our little peanut since day one but have shown us all that being little doesn't mean you will be last. You are often the first to try new things and show everyone else how things are done. You love to be heard by screeching and saying dada for everything. Your giggles we must fight for because you do not give them out freely. You love to clap your hands whenever you hear music, when we change your diaper, when nap time is over or whenever you are happy. You spend a lot of time clapping! You have always let us know when you are done eating. With your bottles you will just plain refuse to open your mouth. In your high chair you will repeatedly rip off you bib and take your tray off no matter how many times we replace them. You still remain a little doll for your older sisters and they love to carry you everywhere. If Kenzie needs something there are always two big girls who are more than willing to get it for you. Kenzie your were my little Baby A and the first one we got to meet. You continue to want to be the leader and you make me so proud little girl.

Isabella Lynn
Somehow along the way you went from the fussiest baby to the most easy going. You love to explore the house and usually end up in the room that mom and dad are in. As you have gotten older your personality has started to shine more and more. You give out smiles so freely to those you love but you take a moment to warm up to those you don't know. I am in love with your one little dimple on your right check that we get to see when your smile stretches from ear to ear. You are usually the last one at the dinner table and will often be seen grabbing food off of the others trays. You are content viewing the world from your knees and aren't too fond of this pulling up stuff unless it is when you are in the bath! I think you will be our little tomboy or a daddy's girl because whenever dad is outside you can be found gazing out the windows at him. Isabella your smile makes me smile. True happiness glows from you when your smile lights up your face. 

Tate Richard
You are my Baby C and my tator tot. Of all the babies you love to cuddle the most. Your giggles are heard many times throughout the day and can always be brought on my tickling your sides or giving kisses in your neck. You often have the look of wonder when you finish your bottles because everyone else always has half of their bottle left and yours is gone. Mom and dad think you have the look of 'how do they always get more' every time you sit up from drinking your bottle. You were the biggest at birth and it is a title you are not willing to let go. Your older sisters often complain about carrying you because you are just too heavy as they say. Tate you are our happy go lucky kid. You are happy to just play by yourself and can be found usually in the girls room or Drew's finding some cool toy to entertain yourself with. Tate, I love when you crawl up into my lap and rest your head against me. I hope that you never grow to big to do that.

Rylan James
I remember watching you in the nicu and felt from the very beginning that you were a little old soul who had been here before. I still believe this but I think you were a singleton and not one of four when you traveled this path previously! You let us all know when a sibling has invaded your space but you also are found giggling at them when they do something funny. I love standing outside your door in the morning because I have a feeling you are the ring leader of group mischief such as everyone throwing their pacifiers over the railing or turning on all four music boxes at one time. The first six months of your life I watched everything you did because I had the most concerns about you developmentally. If I would have only known that you would be one step behind Kenzie in everything I could have spent a lot more time focusing on something else! Rylan I have never taken your life for granted and I am so glad that God didn't take you home with Him when you were 24 hours old. 

I still can not believe it has been a year since we welcomed our 2 little girls and 2 little boys into our life. It seems like yesterday that we were visiting you in the nicu and watching you grow ounce by ounce. Now we have four little ones who love to be tickled, who climb up on our laps when we are sitting on the floor and who each night we get to watch sleep soundly in their cribs. Kenzie, Isabella, Tate & Rylan you are loved so very much. You came as a four pack but to mom and dad you are each your own unique person and each of you adds so much to our life. The first year of your life as been amazing, I can't even imagine what the second year will bring. 
This is as good as the picture gets with four very mobile babies and one lap that is not big enough to hold four babies at one time!

Love you babies.


  1. Love this. I always love how intentional your posts are about your children. It brings tears to my eyes. You are all so blessed to have each other.

  2. They've gotten so big! And it is so much fun to read about all of their unique personalities!

  3. Precious babies, beautiful family. Thank you for sharing! A friend in East Texas, Pam.


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