July 10, 2014

A Late July 4th (but not even by a week so I'm right on time in my book!)

I have had this post typed in my head and ready since the night of the fourth but was too tired to actually sit at the computer and put words to the screen. Saturday I had little time but did get all my pictures edited and uploaded but no time to put letters together to form words. Then the UNTHINKABLE happened; head lice invaded our home. I have never in all my life felt so violated and dirty. Because the 4th was so awesome I am just going to say we have all been treated, the house has been disinfected and anything & everything that could be washed in hot water has been. At this minute in time I don't feel itchy so I am going to savior the moment while the house is also completely silent and get this post out before it is a week late. The babies are down for their nap, the big kids are with dad who are taking grandpa to the airport after his 10 day stay and I am going to enjoy my lunch of a second iced coffee and a brownie (yes, super healthy but it is more than I usually eat during the day so I figure I am doing well) while I overload you with pictures of last Friday.

I just don't understand why kids do not understand the importance of getting these pictures. They truly do not appreciate the fact that they are all dressed similar, have their hair done and that mom remembered to get a picture before anyone got dirty. Someday they will get it...when they become parents themselves. 
When I was pregnant with the quads I had heard of a small town who knew how to have a 4th of July parade. I had mentioned it to Paul who was all for taking the kids and having an adventure. I was not on bed rest yet but knew I would be completely miserable since I was about 26 weeks pregnant with the babies. I snapped the mandatory pictures of the kids in the red, white and blue and sent them on their way with dad and grandma. When they got home all 5 of them kept telling me how awesome it was. The town's fire department is the main attraction in the parade and lets just say they show the crowd just how well their hoses work! Don't worry they are egged on by the crowd who com prepared with water balloons, squirt guns and hoses from the homes along the route. Of course there was also a fair amount of candy thrown so another major point for 3 kiddos. It sounded amazing but at that point in time I got exhausted just listening to them.

Last year we were not able to go because the weekend was dedicated to my little sister who was getting hitched. This year there was nothing that was going to stop Paul from attending the Dutch Flat parade. When we started looking at dates for my surgery his only hold up was that I had to have it done early enough that I would be able to go with them. That did not give me much time between when Paul's mom would arrive to help with the kids and the fourth. I had two weeks to recover before I had to throw on my party hat and I knew I would be cutting it close.

When you Google the town Dutch Flat you get information about an inn and nothing else except the mention of a July 4th parade back in 2006. When you call the inn they tell you 'yes the parade has always gone on for at least the 27 years, I am sure they will have it this year. I have no idea what time the parade starts but he should since he lives in the town. He will give me the number for the post office.' When I call the post office they answer "Dutch Flat Trading Post". I felt I was in a screen shot of the Oregon trail!

The night before I had one of my over tired moments when I wondered why we went for baby #4. Yes I love having a large family but at times it is overwhelming having so many young kids. Little things like going to a July 4th parade isn't just a simple adventure at this juncture in our life. I laid in bed thinking about how easy life would be if it was just the 5 of us. I was tired, could only be out of bed for small amounts of time before I needed to rest and was off my pain pills but was still dealing with a fair amount of pain. I was having pitty party for one and as I feel asleep I prayed I would feel better the next morning.

When I woke I knew I needed to make the best out of the day for Paul. It meant a lot to him to have me with our family and to share the tradition of attending a parade to celebrate our country. I needed to put a smile on my face and make the most of it. I broke down and took a pain pill before we left and in the end I had one of the best days I have had since the babies were born. I even let a total stranger take a picture of the quads without chasing them down afterwards and making them delete it in front of me. That is big people. Everything worked out perfect and I know it is a day I as a mom will not forget. The kids radiated with joy and excitement and it is so fun to watch the big girls as they get older really get into the festivities. The babies enjoyed watching all that was happening around them. Paul's parents got to celebrate a holiday with their grand kids which hasn't happened in forever. And Paul and I just soaked up the moment of being a family of 9.

After the parade we come home to dry off because if you don't know those fire truck hoses can spray a fair amount of water, ate, slept and then we were off to other celebrations. The quads and I made it til 7 before we waved the white flag and Paul brought us home but the big kids made it til 10:30 when the fireworks were over. I have realized as the kids have gotten older why families have certain traditions; it is for the joy of the children. Yes a parade as an adult is fun but watching your child come alive because they are having so much fun is what it is all about. Twenty-four hours after questioning why we went for baby #4 I was given my answer and it is because having #4 ( and #5, 6 & 7) added so many more opportunities to allow us to see life through the eyes of a child and to make days like the 4th truly memorable.

She wanted to get wet so bad but the fireman are really good about getting the parents permission to soak their kid but once they get it you come away dripping wet!

This girl I don't think has ever had so much fun!

Do you see the white car? They forgot to close their window all the way on the driver side. I have a feeling they may have had a wet bottom on their drive home.

These guys were my favorite!

Ummm...if you don't want to get wet just don't ride in the parade. Don't think the umbrella probably provided much coverage with the way the water was being sprayed.

And we are done!
Love this picture because when we got home from the parade we all took naps. The girls slept with me in my bed and Aubrey asked if she could hold my hand while she fell asleep. Why, yes sweetheart you can and please never become to old for this.

And just a little comparison of our family from 2 years ago to today:

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  1. Life with quads is overwhelming and exhausting, I can't imagine having three orders too. BUT, there is so much good stuff, the exhaustion is worth it. I love that you made it to the parade- so quaint! And all those memories.
    It cracked me up that your kids also don't appeeciate a group shot when everyone is coordinated. We fussed over ours and chased them around the yard on the fourth for that keepsake photo too ;$


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