May 07, 2014

Quad Mom Weekend

This past weekend I did something I never thought would happen in a million years. I went away for four days sans kids and husband and met up with 5 other quad moms. It was awesome and there really are no words to describe how amazing it was to sit around and talk with women who live my life. We never stopped talking. From sun up til waaaaay past sun down, hello 3 o'clock in the morning!

Mary, a fellow triplet mommy, knew how to start our weekend off right. The most yummy cookies EVER. Visit Sugar Coma Cookies to get your own specialized cookies. You will not be disappointed!
We finally meet in real life! (L to R: Amber B, Ashley, Amber S, Becky, Me, Griselda)

A couple months back during one of our many daily chats we talked about how awesome it would be to plan a mom's weekend get away. In a matter of 48 hours we had decided Gruene, TX would be our meeting spot, a date was set, a condo was found and 2 of us who needed to fly in had bought tickets. It shocked us all how fast it all came together and even better all of the husbands were on board, or at least gave us the thumbs up even if they didn't want to. Then we frequently asked each other if it was May yet when our children were giving us a run for our money. May just could not get here soon enough on some days.

Our view of the Guadalupe River off the condos balcony. 

A lunch in which we all got to eat while it was hot and we didn't have to cut anyone's food but our own.
A meant to be moment: We decided the next passer by we would have take a picture of us. Two ladies came up to us and were more than willing to take our picture. They asked if we were in Gruene for a specific reason and we said no but for some reason I had the need to tell them we were all moms of quadruplets. The other mom's looked at me with the look of 'you seriously just said that'. A major team foul! The lady we are pictured had her mouth wide open and asked us 'really'? She then explained that she is a surviving quad of 53 years ago. What are the chances?!? Two of her brothers were identical and they both passed away within 24 hours of birth. Her and her 'twin' brother were in town for her nieces wedding. It was fate and truly unbelievable. God sure does have a sense of humor.
The lady who took this picture made us all laugh. She asked if we were celebrating our graduation? We laughed and told her that was many  years ago. She then said 'well I didn't mean high school'. She made our day!
See the mess in the kitchen? None of our kitchens look anything like this. Messes make us crazy but for some reason the mess in our condo did not bother any of us. 
When we arrived on Thursday night you may wonder how 6 women who had only spoken via facebook, text and an occasional phone call would get along? Well let me tell you it was as if we had known each other for years. There were no awkward moments of silence but instead there were six girls running to each other with open arms uttering the phrase, "I can't believe we are all together." Four of the girls are from Texas, one was from Michigan and then I represented California. We all had quadruplets within 3 months of each other but in total we have 29 kids between us.That is larger than most Kindergarten classrooms.

Sitting and chatting poolside was so great. Really didn't want this afternoon to come to an end. 
Sitting fully ready for dinner AND reading a magazine. Pure Awesomeness

The number that means so much to all of us: 4.

This picture just makes me smile!
Often times you will find friends who you have things in common with. Whether it is work, the gym, babies or interest/hobbies. The six of us share so much more with each other; we have all gone through infertility, all but one have suffered a miscarriage, we all had the moment of finding out we were carrying quads and then we all had the journey through a quad pregnancy. We then endured months on bed rest doing anything we could to get our babies here safely which then led to the moment of meeting our four miracles and the weeks after weeks of being nicu moms. Three of us sat at our sons bedside early on during that nicu stay praying to God to heal our sons as the doctors and nurses worked to save our little boys. We have been sleep deprived beyond the meaning of sleep deprivation. We have made more formula and changed more diapers than anyone should have to in a lifetime. We have all felt the financial stresses of adding four people to a family at once. We all share the post quad pregnancy body struggles. And now we are all in the middle of toddler mischief x4. The biggest thing we share though is being chosen and blessed to be quad moms and as you can see the six of us share way more than just the average friends. We get each other and when our eyes filled with tears as we remembered some of our struggles getting pregnant, staying pregnant and the never ending days of the nicu we all understood where those tears were coming from. And when we shared in more laughs than I have laughed in the last couple of years it just made us realize we have a bond that most people will never have: it is a sisterhood made up of quad moms.

Lots of laughing and many inside jokes which just are not acceptable on this old blog. What happens in Gruene stays in Gruene!
We created our own spa complete with pedicures and facials.

And this is how we all felt Sunday morning when we had to say good bye.
Our weekend ended all to soon but at the same time we knew we were needed back home to love on our babies/kiddos. The husbands wanted their wives back because when you are back home stuck with all the kids, those couple of days are a huge sacrifice of love. But don't worry we will be back together in only 358 or so days because the quad momma weekend is now an annual event. The weekend before Mother's Day you will always find us together come wind or high water, we will find a way.

Love You Girls!!

A picture in my kitchen reminds me daily of the women who get me through each day; the joys and the struggles of raising quads+3. We all got a number to represent our children and to remind us of our quad momma weekend. (And yes Becky, I did use valcro to attach the #!!)


  1. Thanks so much for this post. I have been reading all of your blogs since you were early pregnant with your babies. (I found your blogs through a relative who has 3 year old quads' blog). My husband thinks I am crazy that I follow all of you but now I feel invested. Just so happy you all have each other and could make this weekend work. Happy Mother's Day!!!

  2. That looks so fun! I am glad you had a quad Mama vacation. Very nice! I will pin your post to my Multiples are Marvelous board.

  3. I have been following Amber B, Amber S, Becky & your blog since before all your babies were born. I am so happy for the six of you that you met each other in person. You are a special bunch of ladies & your husbands & families are just as special for holding down the fort, while you were gone, it does take a village! A well deserved break for everyone, and the week end before Mother's Day, how perfect is that!
    Mary from Boston

  4. That's awesome! I have a group of moms online that have been my friends throughout and since my pregnancy with my second set of twins. We keep saying we should get together, now I want to.
    How in the world do you ladies look so fabulous in swimsuits? I only have five, but my abs are so separated, I look six months pregnant. : ( Y'all look fabulous!

    1. I am so glad you found my blog Christy and congratulations on your two sets of twins! You have to get together with your online friends. I can honestly say these girls are some of the greatest friends I have ever had. And a little side note, my abs seperated big time too!

  5. Way cool!! Christy shared this post with our little group. So glad to have found your blog and have been reading around this evening. :-) If you are interested I'd love for you to do a guest post on my new website I love your writing style and positive attitude. And you certainly have to be creative to manage 7 kids with so many of them so young every day! Have an amazing day and hope the high from your trip lasts a long time!

    1. I am so thankful to Christy for sharing my blog with your group. I would love to do a guest post on your blog!


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