August 09, 2017

Happy 5th Birthday...

Today marks the end of you telling everyone that you are "four & a half" as you hold 4 fingers up because you are now 5! My babies are 5 and this fact has me in total disbelief. How did this happen? Where did the years go? How are my youngest 5 and really not babies anymore? I am sad and in a way grieving that my days of parenting  a baby are over but at the same time I can say I love that my kids are all the ages they are. Are you easier now that you are 5? No, not at all, but the challenges are different. We no longer have to feed you every three hours or get you dressed or carry you to the car and buckle you up but now we do have to tell you why you can't use so much toilet paper and why "no" really does mean no and why we don't care that so & so won't let you play with their fidget spinner. All of this comes with the joy of watching you blossom into amazing kiddos who can introduce yourself to people and tell them you are not a twin but a "kwadwuplet", you can stand still and follow along at church, you can tell us thank you for making you a yummy dinner, you can tell us how excited you are to start school again because you want to meet your new teachers. You simply amaze your mom and dad every single day and though some days we may forget to appreciate those moments, we never lose sight of how proud we are that you are ours.

Oh how badly you want to be exactly like your big brother. You have been like this for a while but over the last year this desire has only grown. You dress like him, you play the same which means sports and guns, you make the same faces right after him and you are frequently seen dabbing because Drew loves to dab. Out of all of our kids you are the one who voices their opinion the most on choices of clothes. You only want shorts and it doesn't matter what the temperature is. You will only wear short sleeve shirts and for the entire school year you threw complete fits if they had buttons. Thank goodness you would wear sweatshirts but of course only certain ones. You are worse than any of our girls and you were only 4!! You have a love for sports and are so excited to turn 5 because you know that is how old you need to be to join swim team with your brother. You were the first to decide you didn't need puddle jumpers anymore this summer while in the pool and you haven't stopped for a second as you dive and jump to be just like Drew. You have an amazing arm and even your t-ball coaches were impressed every time you threw a ball to 1st base this season. Tater Tot I am so lucky to be your mommy and I can't wait to watch you on those sports team just like I do with your Big Brother.

You remain our peanut even though you have grown but you have no problem being the littlest and wear this badge with honor. When asked what you want to be when you grow up your response is always "Baby Annabelle". I think you would be happiest if you could stay attached to my hip because you love to be carried and still dislike when I tell you that you can walk. I don't think you've gone to mass yet in your 5 years in which I haven't held you for the majority of it. I will not complain for a second though because I know my days of carrying you are limited and someday the weight of you on my hip will just be a memory. You are, for the most part, a pretty laid back person but when you don't like something a very loud whiny, screechy voice can be heard. You haven't figured it out yet but you will be my child that someday I will have to wake and tell you to get moving because you love to sleep. You wake at 6am but you are so not ready to be up. You come downstairs with your hair a complete mess, sucking on your thumb with your blankie in your hand. Your eyes shout to us that you are still tired and even though you go lay down on the recliner chair you tell us you aren't tired anymore. I wonder at what age you will realize you are still sleepy and just how awesome sleeping is? You started gymnastics this year and it is so fun to watch you flipping all over the place and just simply loving life.

Rylan James you are such a character. You are so, so sweet and at the same time you are such a pain in the bottom. You have a way to know how to pick on everyone and for the most part you think you can get away with it but when we catch you your response is "what?" with the most sly voice and if we ask you why you did something you again use the same voice with an "I don't know" response. You are also by far our biggest crier. Anytime someone does anything to you that you do not like you cry like you are being tortured. I know you think you are going to get someone into trouble by doing this but in the end it's yourself that gets the bad rap because of your outcry. You would be most happy if we would just allow you to sit all day with the tv on. You don't care what is on but you will sit and watch as long as we will let you. You very seldom sit on the couch and instead love to watch from the table. Surprisingly, mom and dad do not just let you veg all day so instead you keep busy putting together perler bead projects, playing baseball with the other boys, finding ways to annoy your siblings which usually means deciding you were playing with the same thing as someone else and screaming at the top of your lungs that you had it first! You were the last to realize you could swim this summer and you figured this out when mom basically said "I need to know you can swim so either you show me or you watch from the side." It was a game for you to wear your floaties because we knew you could do it but you refused. You quickly, well after you threw a fit and got thrown in, realized you did have the ability to swim without drowning and haven't stopped swimming since. You love school and the minute you are inside you are off and playing. Very seldom did mom get a hug or kiss from you at drop off because you had other things to do. You remain our trouble maker but there is a side to you that mom just loves and that is the part of you that will take you so far in life.

You may be our 4th and final girl in the family but you are such a little mommy. You also have so much of your older sister's personality in you! You are head strong, independent, have your mind made up and stick to it no matter what anyone says yet you are so caring and nurturing. Your life goal is to be a mom and you plan to have 2 girls, 2 boys and 2 babies. We have explained that the girls and boys start out as babies so you will have 4 kids but in your mind you are having 2 girls, 2 boys and 2 babies no matter what we try and tell you. You are our one child out of 7 who enjoys playing with toys. You love your baby dolls and coloring the most. You are always making mom pictures and you get annoyed with me when I throw them away. If you were not part of a set of quads you would be the only one I would consider sending to kindergarten this year. You enjoy learning and will soak preschool up this year even more than last year. Telling us the color of everything is a favorite of yours. Actually talking in general is probably your highlight each day. According to Google the average person uses 16,000 words/day. I am pretty sure you use up your allotment by 9:30 in the morning. Sometimes I just have to tell you to be quiet for a moment because you will fill any silence with announcements such as the sky is blue and has white clouds. You are a beautiful young lady Bella and you are 100% girl and love to be in dresses and the more they twirl the better. I hope your birthday wishes are grand and that they all come true for you.

Babies you are 5 and it simply amazes me. August 9th, 2012 will always be a day I want to go back to. As I watched your birth video a couple nights ago I just sat with tears in my eyes as each one of you took your first breath. Those 4 minutes of listening for each of you to cry as we found out if you were a boy or girl where minutes I never knew if we would get when I was pregnant with you. Now looking at you 5 years later I wish I could go back and whisper to that scared mom on the OR table that each of you would amaze me more than I could ever imagine. That you all would be perfect. That you would all hit your milestones even if delayed. You would all give me more love than I deserve and that 5 years down the road I would never imagine life without the 4 of you. Today is your day Kenzie, Isabella, Tate & Rylan and I hope your 5th birthday is one of the best yet.

Happy 5th Birthday Babies!!! 
We all love you like crazy...

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