April 02, 2017

Big girls are 9!!

I started to title this post "My baby girls are 9" but that did not seem fitting at all. Natalie and Aubrey you have not been my baby girls in years. You have always been so much older than your actual age. Thinking back I don't think this happened when the babies joined our family or even when Drew made us a family of 5; I think maybe you knew that you were going to have a big role in our family and you just started filling it from a very early age.

You are 9. I remember in years past I couldn't believe that my girls were turning 5 or 7 but this year it seems totally appropriate that you are turning 9. You are still kids at heart but yet you are yearning to be one of the older kids. This year your birthday list had one thing...an apple watch! You also have asked how old you have to be to get a cell phone (at this time the answer is 18), you have already started counting the years until you can drive and you really want to start babysitting. At the same time you have trouble reading time on a hand clock, you get scared to go to the chicken coop at night and you still love to play with your American Dolls. You may want to be older than 9 but you are still just 9.

The memories I have as a kid are really sketchy until around the age you are now. It makes me wonder which parts of your childhood will you remember? Will it be that Natalie was always the fashionista? That Natalie loved helping mom until she was actually given tasks. Will your wooden spoon book report that you loved doing be something you always remember or will you forget all about Jane and her yellow house? Aubrey will you always remember that you hated to have your hair combed and had no problem going to school with bedhead? Will you remember how you found your birthday presents ahead of time and opened the box and then acted like you never found them? Maybe the time of going to see Beauty and the Beast or Moana will forever be etched in your memory.

When I look back at you at age 9, I hope I remember that this was the time in your life that you learned the words to the songs on the radio and asked us why "damn" was in a song if it was a bad word. I want to remember that you had no fear to be in front of people. If there was a reading, a part or a solo you wanted to have it. You volunteered yourself for things before checking with mom and dad if it was okay and it was pretty hard to tell you no you couldn't be in the Christmas program or the choir for Easter mass. I want to remember that this was the year that you became best friends with each other. You are more than just sisters; you have found a person that gets you no matter what kind of day you are having. You haven't slept in the same bed in years and all of a sudden you can't imagine not sleeping together. You are with one another all day in school and in the same activities yet the minute we get home you are off together. There have been times we have had to separate you because you get silly when you spend too much togetherness! You get annoyed with your other siblings but for some reason you two very seldom argue or get frustrated with each other. I don't understand it but I'm guessing its a twin thing. Today you thought it was so cool that at 2:41pm Natalie was 9 and for four minutes you were different ages. Natalie was 9 and Aubrey was 8. You both counted down the minutes on your new "fitbits" (that aren't really fitbits) until Aubrey was your twin again. I never thought I'd have two girls who are the same age but you two complete each other.

Natalie & Aubrey, now that you are both 9 I can officially say Happy Birthday. Each year I say what my wish for you is and this year is no different. For the next 365 days my hope for you is that you can just continue to be a child. You have years to grow up and I know your innocence of being a child will be gone sooner than I want it to be. And may you also always remember that your best friend is right next to you even if for 4 minutes you are different ages.

I love you Talie & Aubrey and Happy Birthday!!

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