August 09, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday Babies

I cannot believe you are turning 4 today. This is the age Natalie & Aubrey were when I had you and they seemed so old when they would visit you daily in the nicu. How are you 4 already? There were often moments since you born that the days seemed to take forever. I couldn't wait to stop making 32 bottles every single evening. I couldn't wait for Tate to stop spitting up after he ate which would mean he wouldn't have to wear a bib 24/7. I couldn't wait for you to walk, and then pushing it I couldn't wait til you could walk from the house to the car and climb into your car seats all by yourself. I couldn't wait for you to get more food into your mouth than on the floor. Then all of a sudden you could do all of those things and you went from babies to big kids. Now that you crossed all of these things of my list it makes me sad because I miss the cuddles on the couch when I would hold two of you at a time. I miss tucking you into your cribs at night all swaddled up. I miss giving you baths each night on the kitchen table and catching your first smiles. I miss trying to get you to take your first steps and then cheer for you when you took 6 steps in a row. I miss your baby days. I miss your toddler days. I don't want to go back to those days because I really like who you are becoming but I just wish the years wouldn't have slipped by so quickly because I didn't have enough time to soak up those moments in the busyness of those days.

"How old are you going to be?"
You are 4 but could easily be mistaken for someone much younger because you are so petite. You still own a pair of 3-6 month shorts that fit you perfectly. Though you are a preschooler you still love to be carried a lot. When we go around the table at dinner and say what we are thankful for it is always that you rode on mama's back if you did that day. Though you like to be mom and dad's little one you also like to act like the oldest quad; you voice your opinion and usually in a yelling type of way, you get yourself dressed most mornings and usually your top and bottom match but often you dress for the wrong season and you do not always like to be touched or carried by your older sisters. As of right now you are excited for school to start because you have your very own lunchbox but on the first day of drop off I can guarantee you will be the one who starts the round of crying as mom & dad try to escape. Kenzie, mom & dad love you like crazy. and you will always get whatever you want if you ask your daddy because you've stolen his heart baby girl. The other night as we were driving I looked back at you in your car seat and just couldn't imagine that someday my pixie cut blonde won't always be my little girl. Who will tell me "I love you Mom. I like your hair. I like your purse." in the sweetest little voice? I'm not ready but I do hope your 4's are amazing for you.

My Bella Boo. Prior to this year you were Isabella or Izzie but as your brothers and sister started talking you became Bella to them and I love it because it is a name that your womb mates gave you. Your voice is deep and when asked what your name is you say "Iz-a-Bella". You are such a beautiful little girl. Your long wavy blonde hair. Your blue eyes. Your deep dimple when you smile. When we ask you if you are beautiful you give us this half smile that melts our hearts. You are a very happy girl until you are not happy and then we all know it. Oh boy you can throw a fit and it will not end until you decide you want it to be over. Baby dolls are still your favorite and you love playing with your big siblings. You go along with whatever game they come up with as long as they include you in it. There are good chances you will be voted the 'most likely to have the shoes on the wrong feet' in high school because you always put your shoes on the wrong feet. How do your shoes even feel comfortable when you put them on this way? You are also excited for school but the minute your sister starts to cry you will follow her lead and cry along with her but when I come back to pick you up you will be all smiles. You are the artistic one and will sit happily coloring at the kitchen table but always put away your coloring books and makers when you are done. Happy 4th Birthday Boo-Boo, Mom & Dad love you!

You are only 4 but you may as well be 6 because you want to be just like your brother Drew. Anything he does you are right beside him doing it with him. I can't wait to see you next year on the playground and see how excited you get when you see your big brother on campus. You remain persistent and do not forget a thing. It drives your mom and dad crazy because you tell us your wants every 3.7 seconds. This summer you realized how much you love swimming and want to be in the pool all day long. You love to swim without your floaties but are afraid to try the deep end without them. You remain the biggest of all the babies and are often mistaken as older than the other 3 making them triplets but even though you are the biggest you are also the one who is least adventurous and the most scared of trying anything new when it comes to anything loud, fast or high. Somehow even with this fear you are the one who has had two double black eyes this summer. When we drop you off at school this year you will be the one to walk in, kiss us good-bye and never look back as you go give Ms. Stephanie a hug. Your brother Drew was a favorite of his teachers and I won't be surprised if you fill this role as your brother moves onto Kindergarten. I already know year 4 will be taken head on with you buddy!

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble! I will continue to say you have been trouble since the minute the doctors decided you all needed to be born because you kept dropping your heart rate. Somehow you love irritating your brothers and sisters and then acting like you have no idea what we are talking about when we tell you to knock it off. You have also perfected the look of innocence with your grin. And talk about whine and I am not referring to the stuff made with grapes. Even when you are just telling us something you have a whiny-ness to it. You also have a way of fake crying and clinging whenever mom & dad are not with you. This includes leaving you with babysitters or at kids club at the gym. All of this is maybe because you are the baby of the family and maybe you read somewhere that this is how the "baby" is suppose to be. When alone with mom & dad, whether in the house or out running errands, you are so much fun and are always so good. You would be a wonderful only child! Rylan mom will admit that writing to you on this birthday is not easy because you can be so sweet but you spend more time picking, whining and throwing fits than anything else right now. I am hoping by your 5th birthday you find some new hobbies to take up but I will say you are our trendsetter dresser and love polo shirts and flip flops!!

It still seems like yesterday that you made us a family of 9. When people ask me how old you are now I pause a moment because I can't believe I am saying 4. I am so proud to be your mama and I love the little people you are becoming. This is the first birthday of yours that I am not dealing with guilt for having you so early because you have all caught up to your peers and no one would be able to tell that you were born 2.5 months early. You have no idea how happy this makes your mama and today I will relive your birthday, not grieving, but instead with emotions of joy knowing 4 years prior I was meeting 4 miracles for the first time. I can not wait to see you all blossom this year as you become preschoolers and step out into the real world for the first time ever.

Because sometimes you just gotta really love your sister!

Happy 4th Birthday 
Kenzie, Bella, Tate & Rylan


  1. Happy birthday littlest Lesnaus!!! <3

  2. Omg, I love when their birthday comes because its really beatiful the way that you write about them. I am so glad to get to know a little more about them. Happy birthday kids, have a great year

  3. Four years - congrats! One awesome family you are indeed. 🌻


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