June 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Little Man

Drew-Drew I have no idea how you are six already. I do not like it at all. In my mind you are 4 and that is exactly where I want to keep you. I do not want you to grow up ever. Until this past year you would have been just fine being my little side kick forever but then you turned 5 and over the last 365 days you grew a new kind of wings. Wings that I need to allow to fly. You are finally ready to start kindergarten and be away from your mama 5 days a week. You are a big boy on the swim team and swam 5-50's this last weekend and at the end of each race you didn't complain about being tired or that you didn't come in first every time; instead you came running back with the worlds biggest grin because you got a ribbon. You no longer need me to put your helmet on or help pick out your clothes. You sing every Sunday in the church choir and never once do I need to tell you to stand still or be quiet. You are growing up, and though I may be incredibly bias, you are one amazing little man.

You are a gift that God gave me when I really didn't think I needed another baby. I was already busy with your 2 sisters and I could not understand why God didn't see that. I should have never questioned His plan though because when you came into my world I realized you completed a little part of my heart that I didn't even know needed to be filled. For 6 years I have been able to call you mine and Drew Bear I am thankful each and everyday for you.

Now just so you do understand you do challenge me! You throw fits like only a 6 year old boy can. You are persistent to no end. You NEED a lot of things when we go shopping. You are exactly like your father and most days this is awesome but there are days I just have to shake my head because you are his mini-me.

But Buddy I don't know if I have ever met a little boy who will talk to anyone, who always has a smile & hug ready, who loves his role as a "single" in our family and volunteers this information freely whenever anyone asks if we have two sets of twins. You are adored by your little brothers and sisters and some days they drive you crazy but on other days you rotate who you play with. You have a way of talking them out of their fits better than I do. And over the last couple of months you have become Tate's idol. He needs to be exactly like you. If you have seconds, he has seconds. If you wear only pants to bed, he wears only pants to bed. If you do a belly flop into the pool, he does one right after you. I love seeing how he looks up to you and I pray you pass on your best qualities and maybe not the ones like laughing after you burp.

Little man you are now 6. I will let you soar this year with those wings you found but buddy please don't blame mommy if I occasionally need one of your squeeze tight hugs or your cuddles during a nap because you are still 4 in your mama's eyes.

Happy 6th Birthday Drew David


  1. Happy Birthday to Drew! It sounds like Mom has learned that as hard as we try, these babies must turn into small adults and must learn that we can't keep them small forever.

  2. We love you all so very much!! Hugs the Ball family

  3. Happy birthday Drew! He is so big,I cant even believe he is already 6, soon enough the quadruplets will be doing 4. God bless you always Drew! Kisses (sorry for my english)


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