April 02, 2016

Yesterday they were babies, Today they are 8

My little girls are growing up faster than I want to believe. You have gone from newborns who taught mom & dad what sleep deprivation was, to little girls who talked at a very early age and asked "why" to everything, to big girls when you welcomed your little brother into your lives to even bigger girls when we brought home 4 babies within two weeks of each other. You then grew wings when you went off to kindergarten and you have not slowed since on exploring this world. You continue to amaze your mom & dad with your kindness, soft hearts and the way you love fiercely.

You girls made me a mom 8 years ago today around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. We thought for sure one of you was going to be a boy and I still get tears in my eyes when I remember the emotions I felt when they told me that my Baby A was a girl. I was so incredibly happy because I just knew Baby B was going to be a girl too and I couldn't imagine being any luckier than to have 2 girls who would grow up together side by side. You are each others best friends even if you don't realize it yet. You have an awareness of each other that siblings of other ages just don't have. There is nothing I love more than seeing you two sit next to each other because its as if you are one and don't realize that the other one is literally lying on top of you.

On your 8th birthday I know you are growing up faster than I want but there is nothing better than being reminded that you are still my little girls. For Christmas you had wanted an American Girl doll. Dad and I decided it was more than we were willing to spend on a doll but we came to the agreement that if you could both save up $40 by your birthday we would pay the difference for your doll. Luckily for you we had lots of family get togethers between December and April in which you could be wine servers for your grandparents and their tips were very generous! So yesterday dad took the day off from work and we made the 2.5 hour trip to the American Girl store. You had been talking about this day for weeks and were giddy with excitement. You even had Drew thinking this was the best thing since sliced bread but it didn't take long for him to realize this was a "girl" thing. The look on your poor brothers face during the whole hour and forty-five minutes we were there still makes me laugh. He did not appreciate your girls generous offer of a boy doll one bit! While your brother did not enjoy his time at AG, you both were in heaven and I think it lived up to your expectation. Your dolls Lucy (N) and Emma (A) have not left your sides since you became their mommies. It's this love of a doll that reminds me that though you are becoming older you still have an innocence that brings me, as your mom, such joy. There is nothing better than seeing you love on your baby dolls, your letters to the tooth fairy or your imagination as you play with your younger siblings. You are still my baby girls even at the age of 8. 

Drew's expression through the whole store and  most likely he was jealous of dad having his phone for entertainment. Paul claimed it was all work related!
This year Natalie & Aubrey I hope you continue to follow your dreams. You are both amazing girls and I don't ever want you to forget that. We never meet anyone who doesn't tell us the exact same thing. Mom & dad are so incredibly proud of you and love you for who you are. You are an amazing blessing that God gave us 8 years ago. As you make your way to being 9 this next year I hope that you can continue to hold on to a little bit of your childhood innocence because it is a reminder to me that you are still my little girls.

So Happy!!!
Starting to show a smile.
Love you Tallie and Aubrey more than you can even imagine.

Family selfie way after bedtime.

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  1. Happy HAPPY Birthday, Tallie and Aubrey!!!!!


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