April 05, 2016

An Easter Worth Remembering

I really should be upstairs finishing the boys' bathroom that I started redoing weeks ago but instead want to quickly write about our Easter this year (mostly in pictures and not words!). Some holidays happen and though they were enjoyable it was not one that will stand out more than the past same holiday. This year though I really do want to remember this Easter because it was a great day of celebrating Jesus' resurrection. It was a day just with our kids. Kids who are growing up before our eyes but at the same time understanding why we celebrate with certain traditions and each year they soak up a little bit more.

This year even the babies understood that Jesus died and then rose again on Easter Sunday though they will tell you that He died and went to "heben". They also quickly grasped the concept of the Easter bunny and his eggs! I didn't have it in me this year to have our extended family over to our house. Paul and I barely see each other during the week except from 8pm-10pm each night and so preparing Easter brunch got vetoed and instead it was just us celebrating as a family of 9. It was perfect and the day could not have gone any better.

The day before we dyed 5 dozen eggs and though we had 1 spill and multiple times of hearing this mom remind kids to sit on their bottoms it was fun for all. Five dozen eggs may seem like a lot but after breakfast Monday morning all 60 eggs were gone. I can't even imagine how many eggs I will need to hard boil in the upcoming years.

Sunday morning started off with our traditional breakfast of hard boiled eggs and danish. It is a breakfast my mom made for us every Easter and Natalie & Aubrey have already told me they are going to make the same thing for their kids. It is probably my most favorite breakfast all year long and only gets made one day a year because there is nothing low calorie about it. We then went to church and it pays to have kids in the choir and have to arrive an hour early because you have no problem getting the 3rd row from the front. Aubrey had a solo during mass and there is nothing better than seeing your child have the confidence to stand up in front of a standing room only church and sing.

After mass we came home for deviled eggs and frozen pizza. Yes, I went all out and really I was wishing we could have just skipped lunch because I was so tired. Good thing a family nap of over 2 hours was next on the schedule. It felt amazing and I think we all felt so much better after we slept off our sugar rush (mom included needed an hour without sneaking more danish or a Reeses egg). The rest of the day we spent outside and enjoyed just playing with our kids without worrying about house or yard work. Unfortunately I think as parents we sometimes forget to just enjoy the moment our kids are in because we always can find a task that needs to be completed.

Some wake from naps better than others!

The babies totally got into it, the big kids complained that there eggs were too hard to find!
This kid must have been afraid someone would take the candy out of his eggs because in the beginning he would stuff everything into his mouth from his egg before running off to find the next one.

This is the reason I want to remember this Easter most, because of the smiles the kids had while having an Easter egg hunt, going on a family walk, playing baseball and a Easter ham dinner at the end. Those simple moments of just being a family.

Each kid had a different color egg. This way all kids got the same number and one couldn't grab all of them. Purple was Kenzie.

Yup, I still find this man hot after all of these years!

As good of a picture as one can get mid candy eating.

And to prove I really was here for Easter 2016.

And this is what happens post sugar...
and this!!

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  1. That was an amazing solo--just beautifully done!! Your children are so nice looking--I looked at all of those sweet shining faces and rejoiced!! God is good!! and what joy we can say together, "He is risen!!"


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