November 04, 2015

Fall Traditions: Trick or Treat

I am so happy this holiday has left us. It is one the kids love and I despise. Who ever thought it was a good idea to have kids wait all. day. long to be able to put on costumes and knock on doors asking for candy never had kids of their own. Maybe I would enjoy it more if we went trick or treating at 8am so that I wouldn't have to answer 49 times in one day that we would go out after dinner. Yet then I would have to deal with crabby sugar high kids all day so really it is just a holiday that I will continue to find silly.

I love when the calendar turns to October because it means I can decorate for fall. I love all things orange, things that smell like pumpkins and just the warmth that fall decorations bring. This year one of the twins asked if we could put skeletons at the end of the driveway. The other twin was quick to answer with 'no because mom only does cute Halloween decorations not scary.' In years past I have tried to get into the Halloween spirit by coming up with themed costumes for the kids. Last year I probably spent over $200 in completing our Frozen theme. It was fun and they were cute but in the end it rained and the kids spent less than 3 hours in their expensive matching outfits. This year I vowed we were not wasting money on garb for one evening. Instead we rummaged through our dress up box, borrowed from neighbors and only ended up spending $6 on clown hair. No one complained and everyone was excited for their costume. Aubrey even wore a clown outfit that was mine. I was trying to tell her how old it was but I decided saying it was 25 years old made it old enough without stating exactly how old it was!

Even though I don't get into Halloween the kids had a blast and Paul & I enjoyed hanging out with our friends. Nothing like adding 9 more people into a house who already have 7 of their own. We enjoyed a fast pace meal of pizza and salad and when all the kids started getting to antsy we moved everyone outside to start trick or treating. Not a one complained! The best part of the night was hearing the homeowners responses when they opened their door to 13 kids all under the age of 10. Just when they thought they were done handing out candy Isabella and Tate would make their way to the front for two more cute "Trick or Treat" and "thank yous" which often got said in the wrong order. We knew it was time to call it a night when kids started shedding costumes, buckets got too heavy to hold and kids were tripping on one another.

After candy was checked the babies each got one piece and they were totally content. The big kids got to eat until their tummies were full. I think Drew kept expecting me to tell him to stop so that boy was shoving candy in his mouth as fast as it would go. I don't think he liked the way a Sugar Daddy slowed him down so he did come and give me a partly eaten sucker. It always amazes me how many empty wrappers I find in their still full buckets of candy when the night is over.

This year was the year of mix-matched costumes, Reeses peanut butter cups and day light savings which had my kids up way too early the next morning. Though Halloween is a tradition I could easily do without but I don't think my kids will let us skip this fine day. So until next year we will continue hiding and sneaking this years candy as I decide if Halloween 2016 will be themed or hodgepodge.

The first house the quads ever trick or treated at. They really had no idea what we were doing but after 3 pieces of candy got placed in their bucket it didn't take them long to figure it out. Kenzie was down the drive way in no time heading to our other neighbors. 
Our neighbors who spoil our kids. All of the houses in our neighborhood are on at least 3 acres which means we get no trick or treaters. Our two neighbors had stopped us earlier in the week to let us know a treat would be ready for them!

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  1. I used to despise Halloween too, but my kids are helping change my opinion. Now I see it as a time for neighborhood fellowship (it's a big deal in our hood) and family traditions.


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