November 30, 2015

Fall Traditions: Orchards & Patches

I am barely going to get this one posted in "fall" even though we visited both the Apple Orchard and the Pumpkin Patch in September and October. I figure by not posting them til after my Christmas pictures are taken I just extend the memories just a little longer.

We spend more time eating at the Apple Orchards than anything else but who can pass up warm Apple Cider Donuts? Each Orchard is handpicked based on what treats are served!
Together since Chloe was born 3 months after the girls and the best of friends.

And sometimes life is just too rough.

We have been visiting Bishops and Apple Hill since the big girls were little. Both of these places are fun for both adults and kids. The only sad part is both have become so commercialized over the past 7 years. Paul and I were in sticker shock this year when it cost us $36 for our family to ride the 2 minute train around the pumpkin patch. I understand we are a big family, but seriously it is a ride around pumpkins with a cute little musical tune that is played throughout the cars to make you feel it is so much more. It was pretty easy to limit it to 2 paid activities this year at that price.

All Lesnau activities commence with the use of the van potty.

The girl car
The boy car
We went with our friends and it is so fun when you go places with other large families. To us it is no big deal having 3 parents with 12 kids all under the age of 10 but when I look at pictures I understand why we turn heads.
Love this picture of my Bella. The babies have all started saying each others names in play and Isabella is always Bella. I love it because she has always been Izzie or Isabella to us. 
Thankfully there were many other memories to be made besides the expensive ones; hanging out with friends at both places, lots of yummy apple snacks, family time & the realization that our kids are getting older. There were no strollers this year, no diapers to be changed, no bottles or time outs for nursing and no hurry up to get home for naps. Life is really getting easier when it comes to taking our family of 9 out on adventures. It also amazes me how much my kids remember year after year and this is the exact reason we will continue our Fall Family Traditions. Now if only my kids would forget about that dang Elf on the Shelf that they reminded me will be here in the morning...

Only way to get everyone in was to angle the camera!

My Babies!!


  1. They look so happy! The kids are growing so fast, I'm glad you're enjoying all the time you have with them, soon enough they will be in the school and you will asking yourself where did your babies go. You have such a beautiful family Krista. Happy 2016 for all of you, hope you all the best.


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