October 01, 2015

Somehow I Missed the Summer

Yes we are in October. No I have not written since August. Yes I have thought about it but at a complete lost for words. Actually know exactly what I want to write but it doesn't have my usual upbeat attitude that I try so hard to have. Need to write it though so I can move on....But first going to bombard you with summer shenanigans because this is as good of scrapbook as my kids are going to be getting these days and I am failing pretty well even with that. 

Let's go back to June, told you I am really behind, June 21st to be exact. Drew's birthday and Father's Day. A day that we celebrated 2 awesome guys that us girls are smitten over. Drew loved the attention but had no problem sharing with his daddy. To be honest I really can't remember what he did but I am sure it was fun!! (Reason #458 of why one should not wait 3 months to write a blog post).

Helping make his birthday breakfast.

It was our second year of letting the big kids pick out daddy's gifts. I gave them a little direction but it wasn't long until they figured out what they wanted and found good reasons that daddy needed it (except none of them wanted the beer, they just know their daddy well).
And sometimes this is reality. Who needed a good family picture anyways?
I do know that Drew's one and only gift was a triple slip-n-slide. Don't worry he made out pretty well in the gifts he gave his dad. The kids all had a blast on the slip-n-slide even though I have decided they have totally changed since I was a kid. I swear they use to be a mile long and one could actually slide the whole way down. The ones they sell today are junk at $30 a piece. Anyways the kids have no idea what I am talking about when I say our neighbors was so much better because they enjoyed many hours minutes of going down Drew's slip-n-slide this summer. 

A little better photo of kids and dad but we definitely have room for improvement.

Since Drew was 3 he has loved soccer and is actually fairly good at it. His hand eye coordination has always been better than mine. The last 3 summers he has participated in a summer soccer league. Paul and I don't feel our kids need much more than that at such a young age. Once he turned 5 we told him he could join fall soccer and he was so excited. He loved his 2 weeks of summer camp and kept asking when school was going to start because he knew soccer would start at the same time. Fast forward to August and the kid totally changed his mind and decided he wanted to do swim just like his sisters. Paul and I both asked him individually multiple times to make sure swimming was what he really wanted. The answer was always swimming over soccer. I know he will still be in soccer camp next summer but it is fun to watch him move from the field to the water because he is a fish just like his sisters. He also looks so dang cute in his little Speedo briefs. Sorry no pictures of the cuteness because I am a tad busy keeping the other 4 from jumping in who also think they need to be on team!

They may not have been official team members but they found ways to play for the 30 minutes until we had to leave to take them to swim practice. 

And she repeatedly tells us her size will not stop her from doing anything in life.

I smile every time I see this picture. He loves life.

And sometimes life throws you a lemon and you must drop everything to let the whole world know. Three year olds are SO much fun and I am blessed to be able to multiply that times 4 (that was said sarcastically encase you thought anything different).
We officially became a swim family this summer. The girls had swim team everyday Tuesday-Friday with meets every single Saturday. The first time trial way back in June we weren't so sure if the girls were ready after watching them come in dead last in all of their heats. It was bad but at the same time they had never swam in a meet before and had no idea what it meant to be competitive in the water. Before that time trial, swimming was always practice and finishing whatever the coach told you to do. It was amazing to watch how they improved over 2.5 months. They loved their swim meet days and though they often swim in the same events they don't get upset when one of them beats the other. After the summer program ended the girls asked to do year round swim and Paul and I decided we were ready to commit to the huge undertaking it would be for our family. We are now at the pool every night Monday-Thursday from 6:30-7:30. It has been an adjustment since the babies use to go to bed at 6:30 and big kids at 7 but the one thing we have found is bedtime is so much easier because all of the kids are completely worn out by bedtime. They literally fall asleep the minute their heads hit the pillows. No more million questions or trips downstairs to tell us just one more thing. Now if only we can combine Natalie's stroke with Aubrey's endurance we would have two phenomenal swimmers.




You have no idea how many snacks it took to keep the babies content during meets and unfortunately we usually ran out about three hours before the meet was over. 

We have begun our process of buying our orthodontist a vacation home!
I have two siblings who are closer in age to my kids than to me. The last 2 summers we have been lucky enough for them to spend sometime with us. All of my kids love it and though it is two more kids it really is easier having all 9. We spent most of the time hanging around the house and most of that was spent outside. 

Busted playing in the kiddie pool!
Teasing her mama that she had peanut butter m&m's
Why yes our pool is green. I kept blaming it on the pool boy, aka husband, until we found out that the drought is to blame for stirring up extra minerals which apparently eats off algae and then produces more or something like that. Short story is it wasn't the husband and we got chemicals that fixed the problem and saved me from calling a competent pool boy.

Kenzie loves her Uncle and I think he loves on her a little more than the others too.

Class Family field trips are sometimes for educational reasons and other times because mom doesn't want to cook. Who doesn't every once in a while want donuts for dinner? And for the record I did not eat a single doughnut, instead I ate all the last bites of the kids who decided 2 was more than their tummies could hold. It's all about not wasting food.

This summer we decided we were ready for a dog and because we never seem to do anything just simply, we got two. One night while scrolling through my facebook feed I saw two boxer puppies on a dog rescue site that I had been following for a while. I quickly showed them to Paul and got the okay to find out more. The following evening we brought home Mia and Lucca. Fast forward another 24 hours and we found ourselves with 2 dogs in the emergency vet who both had Parvo. Lucca was doing okay but Mia was basically dead. Short story is the "rescue" is not what they make people believe, they do not care about the dogs they bring in and instead buy puppies off  Craigslist and sell them for a profit as fast as they can. Our dogs were not the first of their dogs to have Parvo. Ten days later after a huge emotional toll on the kids, a financial burden on Paul & I and two vets who worked endlessly to save our Mia we had them both home. Mia and Lucca are inseparable and it is so fun to watch them interact. Most people say we are crazy for adding more chaos but the kids all adore their puppies and it has been a great addition. Now if they could only figure out the no peeing and pooping in the house because after potty training quadruplets by patience has run out with accidents.


The day we never thought would happen; home from the vet.
This shows you how sick she got. I was afraid she would die in her sleep every night for the first week. Luckily she showed us she had some fight in her when her brother tried to steal her bone.

Love this picture.
So that was summer 2015. In pictures it was amazing. My kids will tell you it was awesome. For the most part I would agree but I have struggled and that is where the I could keep this blog all rainbows and unicorns thought has come into mind but that isn't life. So hopefully before Christmas I will explain the season in life I think all mothers have but sometimes we sweep it under the rug and pretend it isn't there.


She has mastered tandem  nursing which in our house is a very good skill to have.
And some days one just wanted to crawl back into bed...

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