August 09, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Babies

You are all 3. You are no longer babies in my book and I have held on to saying you were 2 until the very last day. You are no longer babies. No longer toddlers. Instead you are now little boys and girls. This last year had it's challenges but it has been so fun to watch you learn about the world around you and become part of it. I have loved being able to do more with you which means we spend more time as a family than we do separated. We go to church together. You to to school events. You go out to eat with us and sit in big chairs without boosters. You play in the yard with the rest of us. You are growing up.

This is the first year that I can say you are more of a group than individuals. Yes, you have your own personalities and likes but you are always aware of one another. If one is missing you know where they are. If someone is not keeping up with us when we are out you stop and start crying because you think we are leaving without one of your halves. You tuck each other in and give each other kisses. You pair up and play with one another more than you ever have. You are four individual people but you have a bond between the four of you and I know from watching your twin sisters that the bond you have will be unlike any relationship you have with anyone else in life. It is a connection that most of us will never understand.

Kenzie (Baby A)
My little peanut...though you are the oldest you are often seen as the baby of the family. You enjoy this roll when it involves being held which is basically anytime that we are walking anywhere. Whether it is going up or down the stairs, out to the car, in a store or even just to go to the bathroom. You love to be held and voice your dislike when we tell you that you can walk. Your favorite quad sibling is Tate and not surprising, your favorite big sibling is Drew. You love adventure and though you may be little you will not let your size stop you from trying anything. You love driving as the passenger in our toy jeeps and the faster the better in your little world. Your speech is the most delayed and I will be happy when you can put words to all your high pitch scream/yell/loudness you do. People often think that because you only weigh 21lbs you must not eat and you love to show everyone that you can eat just as much as your brothers and sisters. Though I often have to remind you that you are not a princess in this house I want you to know that you are so loved and you also have your daddy wrapped around your finger. Happy 3rd Birthday Kenzie Rae!

Isabella (Baby B)
Oh Isabella, just thinking about what to write makes me shake my head because girl, you are one that lets everyone know if you are not happy with life. You can be the most content child but look at you wrong, tell you no, or just simply ask you to do something you don't want to and you will have yourself thrown on the ground. Thankfully over the last couple of weeks you have figured out when you need time to cool off you go to mom and dad's room and close the door. Unfortunately you don't always come out when you are done crying and it sometimes takes us a little while to figure out you are still hiding in our room. We always say that if you and Natalie would have been frozen together and been born first we probably would only have two kids! We know that this stubbornness and independence will take you and your sister far but it may make mom and dad a little crazy in the mean time. You absolutely love to be asked if you are pretty and reward us with the most beautiful grin. Your favorite quad sibling is Rylan and Aubrey would be your favorite big kid. You love your babies, whether they are real or pretend, you love them all. Isabella I can not believe you are 3 already. I love you more than you can imagine. Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Tate (Baby C)
My big boy Tate. You may be big in stature but you are the most scared kid ever. You do not like loud noises. You do not like dogs. You do not like being more than 2 feet from us when we are out in public. In so many ways you remind me so much of your brother Drew and the one place we see this the most is in your persistence. You will not let things just be. You have to remind us over and over and even if we heard what you said you find the need to say the exact same thing at least another 5 times. And Dude, we know you want to eat the minute you get out of bed but your mama will never hop out of her nice comfy bed to fix you breakfast at 6am. Give up and wait until at least 7 please. You love being outside and if you can't find you inside, we will most certainty find you outside in the garage or the backyard totally content with some toy. You are the best at always wearing shoes outside but you don't like the no shoes rule in the house. You are the biggest eater but you are also the one who voices their dislikes the most but in the end you always end up eating those dislikes because otherwise you would not get seconds. You will pass on sweets 80% of the time. You really don't have a favorite sibling in either group. You are happiest with whoever wants to go outside, play nerf guns or rough house indoors. Tate you may be the biggest but you love your mama and never pass on cuddle time. You make your mama proud. Happy Birthday Tater Tot!

Rylan (Baby D)
You are trouble and have been since before you were born. You have mastered the 'smirk' and are so dang cute when you try and act innocent. I still believe you will be a pick pocketer or an engineer when you grow up and I am hoping for the latter one! Your favorite pastime is to take toys that someone else is playing with. You have figured out how to avoid naps and that is by not starting to eat your lunch until after everyone else has finished.You often cry but the majority of the time it is fake and it is amazing how long you can keep your 'cry' going. We do know that you have a soft side though because you can often be seen walking with Isabella picking flowers or just checking life out. You are also very quick to comfort anyone who is sad. In the mornings you always greet me with a "hi mommy" as soon as you see me and it is said in the sweetest voice ever. I often wonder what kind of teenager you will be but I am thankful I don't have a crystal ball because I think you may give me a run for my money. So for today I am going to love on my 3 year old and allow my heart to melt when you give me that sly smile when I ask you if you are trouble. Happy Birthday Rylan James!

You 4 are now THREE!!! I have no idea how it is true but I hope this is your best year yet. I can not wait to see how you change and grow over the next year as you make your way to being 4. My prayer for you on your birthday is that you will find more reasons to smile and giggle than you have ever before.

I love you Babies!

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  1. It's great that they have different personalities, they are so lovely. You're blessed with all this beautiful kids that you have, and I'm sure you guys are doing such a good job with them! I hope I can have a family as pretty as yours someday. Happy birthday kids! Have a great year


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