July 04, 2015

Let Freedom Ring...

I literally could have hit "repeat" from last July 4th for today which means we had 7 kids who were so excited to celebrate the mid-summer holiday. Sometimes when you find something that works there is just no sense in changing it. My guess is for the next couple of years our Fourth of July will continue to be very similar with just a few minor tweaks as the kids get older.

Big kids 2012
Babies 2012 (26 weeks preggo)
And yes Kenzie is wearing the same shirt as last year because when you only gain 1.25lbs in a year you are able to keep wearing the same clothes over and over. And I found it funny when pulling the pictures that Tate wore the shirt that Drew wore last year!
To sum up our day; woke to Natalie and Drew coming in to our bedroom to wish us a Happy 4th just as if it was Christmas, had breakfast and left for the parade we have attended the last couple of years, got wet (minus some babies that had complete meltdowns every time a single drop of water hit them), headed home with 7 overtired kids which created a crabby mommy, naps were needed for all and we did just that by taking a family nap of 2.5 hours. It was awesome!! We then woke up much happier and had friends over for dinner. Now the babies are asleep and the big kids are out enjoying evening festivities which will end with a couple big booms. I do find it hilarious that Natalie, Aubrey, & Drew were more excited for the annual stop at 7/11 for pure junk food. The things you get to do when mom stays home!

And just to show that mom was actually there!! Us mom's are always missing from pictures.

Hands down the babies favorite part was the airplane fly over to start the parade off.

I could fill in the blank spaces with more words but I personally think my kids are way cuter than anything I could say so enjoy our 4th in pictures. Hope y'all had a wonderful day celebrating our independence.

We got smart half way through the parade and sent them to the other side of the street. That way they could literally get hosed down and we only got sprinkles.
This was him all morning every time a drop of water got on him which pretty much means he spent the whole parade in tears and not even a sucker cheered him up.

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  1. Loved all the pictures!! That one of Drew is so handsome and the girls and quads all look adorable. A parade sounds like the perfect family tradition! I've always admired yalls ability to get up and get out as a family, no matter how many kids you have. And I'm like you - I had to remember to ask Mike to take a picture of us all together while waiting on fireworks or there wouldn't have been any evidence I was there! Moms are always behind the scenes and behind the lens.


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