July 24, 2015

Pinterest Mom (only for an evening)

We are still around but this summer has left me exhausted and so blogging has been placed way down at the bottom of my to-do list. I hope to chip away at a couple posts I have plotted in my head because I still have Father's Day/Drew's birthday to post and that was already a month ago! Since some of the things I want to write about actually needs me to get in touch with my emotions I am going to quickly share how I was a "Pinterest Mom" last night. Pinterest and I do not have much of a relationship with each other. I have a board and occasionally go on and pin a couple of things and that is pretty much the extent of it. I think the only things I have every actually done that I have pinned are Valentines and Birthday treats. Mainly because I can allow the kids to pick out what they want and I don't have to be creative.

All we had to get for this project was a box of Fruit Loops (& have they always spelled it Froot Loops???).
I was trying to get them to all look at the camera so I told them to look like they are having fun. They all did the exact same thing!
Last night I can't even take credit for finding the "keep your kids busy" project by searching Pinterest. Instead I have the best quad mama friends who are amazing moms and do these kinds of projects with their kids all of the time, who then share them with me who is so not this type of mom. They then take pity on my kids and send the cutouts via email and whala I am a "Pinterest Mom".

The original Amber project used bubble wrap for the ocean but I didn't want to spend time looking for some around the house so I improvised with cardboard cylinders and it worked perfectly. 

Paul has been gone all week in Ohio. Like he left Sunday before we were awake and comes home this evening once the kids are in bed. That is 6 full days of me being a single parent in case you needed help counting the days. I love my kids but 6 days of summer busyness with 7 kids home all day long can make any mom go just a little crazy. So yesterday morning I enticed the kids to be well behaved all day long with a promise to do an art project after naps. They saw me pick up the forbidden box of Fruit Loops at Target and reminded me all day that I said we could do a project which involved the sweet sugary cereal. I should know, but telling kids at 8:30 in the morning was not the brightest idea on my part.

Everything was going perfectly until I let them take 3 fruit loops after the first octopus was finished. Then instead of finding 8 more blue fruit loops it became a competition between the babies to see who could shove as many in their mouth before mom saw them. 
In the end I did follow through on my end even though I would disagree that I had perfect angles all day long. They all got to stay up past bedtime because there was no way they were going to allow me to push the project over to the next day but in the end I had a lot of fun with my little class of preschoolers. Who knew even 2nd graders would have fun with a pretty simple project. We are now counting down the hours until daddy comes home. The big kids want to show daddy their Pinterest octopus and I am just happy I won't be a single parent much longer. I may or may not already have a massage booked for Sunday after I put in 12 hours at work.

All hung up and ready for daddy. 

July 08, 2015

A Party of Multiples

When I found out I was pregnant with the quads I decided to rejoin our locals mom's of multiples group. I was in it when I had the twins but I had a hard time with the group because I felt it was very difficult for a new member to fit in. Fast forward to expecting multiples again and I decided to rejoin only because I knew I needed to buy a ton of baby equipment and usually moms of multiples sells things in pairs which would help me in the need to buy 4 of everything. Instead of finding baby paraphernalia, the group ended up providing me with the most amazing friends. The group is made up of moms of twins, triplets and quads so having multiples is really no big deal to anyone in the group. There is no "your hands are full", "how do you do it", or "were they natural". We get each others lives and understand what it is like to have to feed multiple babies, the fact that it takes longer to load everyone up than to actually run the errand and how coffee/alcohol are necessities to our daily routine.

We loved having a set of quads come from the Bay area join us. My big kids jumped at the opportunity to help with getting jammies on and feeding night bottles. Us adults could have gone out for dinner and the babies would have been in good hands with the big kids. Someday...

Recently we got talking on fb how cool it would be to have a summer bbq/swim party and before I knew it I blurted out that I would have it if people really wanted one. Less than 24 hours later it was decided that we would host a swim party on July 3rd. Thinking it was the Friday of a 3 day weekend I wasn't expecting too many families to RSVP which was just fine because I knew even if only a couple came my kids would love the opportunity to have a play date. You can imagine how surprised I was when we had 11 families who came which totaled; 2 sets of quadruplets, 11 sets of twins and 4 singletons (58 people all together including our family). It was so much fun!!

As a mom of multiples you can imagine how amazing it is that she has no kids within her personal space and is enjoying hot food!

No one drowned. No one got hurt. I don't think a single kid got put on timeout. The grill stopped working but that didn't stop us from eating until our tummies told us we had had enough. Of course that is right about when we brought out the desserts and then everyone was hungry again. We swam until lips were blue and kids had to warm up in the shower.

Even though I did not rejoin the group this year in an effort to spend less time on facebook I plan to open our house again next year to the Placer County Mom's of Multiples because we had a blast. Now I am off to figure out another reason to have a party because though I despise decorating for them (which I have decided is not necessary so I totally skip this part), I love making food for a ton of people and enjoy spending time with our friends and watching my kids have a blast with their friends.

Ready for the next party!!!

July 04, 2015

Let Freedom Ring...

I literally could have hit "repeat" from last July 4th for today which means we had 7 kids who were so excited to celebrate the mid-summer holiday. Sometimes when you find something that works there is just no sense in changing it. My guess is for the next couple of years our Fourth of July will continue to be very similar with just a few minor tweaks as the kids get older.

Big kids 2012
Babies 2012 (26 weeks preggo)
And yes Kenzie is wearing the same shirt as last year because when you only gain 1.25lbs in a year you are able to keep wearing the same clothes over and over. And I found it funny when pulling the pictures that Tate wore the shirt that Drew wore last year!
To sum up our day; woke to Natalie and Drew coming in to our bedroom to wish us a Happy 4th just as if it was Christmas, had breakfast and left for the parade we have attended the last couple of years, got wet (minus some babies that had complete meltdowns every time a single drop of water hit them), headed home with 7 overtired kids which created a crabby mommy, naps were needed for all and we did just that by taking a family nap of 2.5 hours. It was awesome!! We then woke up much happier and had friends over for dinner. Now the babies are asleep and the big kids are out enjoying evening festivities which will end with a couple big booms. I do find it hilarious that Natalie, Aubrey, & Drew were more excited for the annual stop at 7/11 for pure junk food. The things you get to do when mom stays home!

And just to show that mom was actually there!! Us mom's are always missing from pictures.

Hands down the babies favorite part was the airplane fly over to start the parade off.

I could fill in the blank spaces with more words but I personally think my kids are way cuter than anything I could say so enjoy our 4th in pictures. Hope y'all had a wonderful day celebrating our independence.

We got smart half way through the parade and sent them to the other side of the street. That way they could literally get hosed down and we only got sprinkles.
This was him all morning every time a drop of water got on him which pretty much means he spent the whole parade in tears and not even a sucker cheered him up.

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