June 21, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Drew-Drew

You may be turning "5" today but no matter how many years the calendar says you are you will always be my little man. And I may be wrong but for some reason I have a feeling you will always hold a special place in your heart for your mama. There is just something unique about the relationship you and I have. It started the minute the nurse brought you back from the warmer a couple minutes after you were born. From the moment they handed me my perfect son, my mama heart has never been the same.

For the first three years of your life you were by far my easiest child. As long as you got to be one of the big kids you were happy. And then you turned 4 and I can easily say you gave me a lot more run for my money this year. Hello tantrums....over anything that meant you did not get your way. I do not like my little boy when he finds the need to melt down and unfortunately it happened many times a day this last year. You are still so super sweet but seriously who did you learn this new act from? You often found yourself in time out because when you went off the deep end it usually meant you were over stimulated and needed space to yourself or were over tired. Even though mom and dad knew sleep helped you so much you decided to give up naps this year and always put up a good fight when we would lay next to you to allow sleep to win. Always amazed us though how after you told us over and over that you were not tired, you would sleep soundly for over two hours. But don't worry buddy you always got us back at bedtime when you would come downstairs a million times with a different question or need.

This year you started preschool and though you were so excited on the very first day of school you would have been more than happy to make the first day your last. Once you realized nap time was included in your school day you hated going. As in, clung to mom and dad's legs when we tried to drop you off. All because they made you lay down from 1-3. Luckily by Christmas you stopped putting up the battle and instead told us each day "I'll see you when you pick me up before nap" with the biggest grin on your face because you thought you were so funny.

Even with all your tantrums and your never ending persistence I wish I had 10 more of you. You are amazing. You are all boy, yet at the same time you are so gentle with your tiniest sister. You play hard but you love even harder. You are the perfect middle child. You love to work with daddy outside but you are also content helping mom in the house. You could easily go to Kindergarten next year because you are socially ready but you are more than happy to still spend the majority of your days at home and so that is what we are doing. You are my only singleton and somehow became my little sidekick. You are only turning 5 but you seem so much older than that to me but yet not too big to find the need to crawl into mama's lap for cuddles. You are mine and I am so thankful to God for surprising us with you when we were least expecting it. He knew I needed you in my life.

Who says that 5 year old's can't have a good time riding their baby sister's pink horse!
Drew today is your 5th birthday and I am so very proud of you. You are becoming the most amazing little man and I pray that you will continue to grow into the man you are already becoming (though with a few less fall-to-the-floor-with-your-legs-thrashing moments) because if you continue being the person you are today you are going to be something special when you are a husband and father.

Happy Birthday Drew Bear!

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