April 23, 2015

Adventures for 9

Finding activities that our whole family can do together has been tough over the last couple of years. Having 4 kids all of the same age who still require a lot of supervision, who have little legs and tend to melt down at any given moment leads us to getting a babysitter for them while we go and have fun with the big kids. Last month we decided to try a short hike with everyone. We live in the foothills and are very fortunate to live in an area that has a ton of biking, hiking and rafting adventures.

Would have been cool to actually see the Hidden Falls but we are in California and in case you missed it we are experiencing a drought which makes Hidden Falls even more hidden!
After talking to a couple co-workers I decided Hidden Falls would be out first attempt at taking all the kids on a hike. Paul was not quite as enthusiastic as I but was a good sport and went along with my grand idea. I called my mom and sister and they too decided to join us. In the end we had a great time and will be adding more hikes to our adventures this summer. Things we did right were; went bright and early in the morning before the trail was packed with people, dressed in layers, had a double stroller and a back carrier. Lessons learned; there will be complaining even if fun is being had and it may not all come from the kids (nor was it from the parents of 7 little munchkins or a grandma), one will never pack enough snacks, kids will need to pee even if they went at the beginning of the hike, kids get bored easily, don't tell the kids you may see turtles at Turtle Pond because most likely there will not be any, and have food & water in the car for when the fun is done because kids will crash and need food immediately. In the end the best part may have been that we wore everyone out and all 9 of us had a three hour afternoon nap!

No idea who she gets her poses from? 

Six kids having fun...
of course the peanut wants to be held even when others are having a good time. We may be carrying her down the aisle to the man of her dreams someday because she refuses to walk. 
Apparently he thought we were boring.

Aubrey loves to take pictures and it is the best to look at what she finds picture worthy.
Grandma with 7 of her 10 grandkids

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