April 02, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday

I am not sure how you can be turning 7 today but the one thing I do know is that you both are so excited to be another year older. Aubrey,  I told you I was not ready for you to turn 7 because after that you would both be turning 20. You laughed at me and told me you would be 8 next. I don't feel you have been here long enough to be 7, yet at the same time you both are so much older than your actual age. I have loved watching you grow from being itty bitty babies to independent girls. You make your momma so proud of who you are becoming.

Aubrey Nicole- I am not sure where you get your teaching ability from but you are such an amazing little teacher. I love watching you patiently showing your brothers or sisters how to do something new or watching you play house as you are always the mom. I often ask 'what' when I hear someone say 'mom' to only be told they are talking to their other mom who is you. Even though you tell me you are only going to have 2 kids I can see you having a lot more whether they are your own children or the students you teach in class. You are our tender hearted child. You do not like getting yelled at and try to be so good, most of the time. You have a love for animals and get angry when your brother kills any bug even if it is a centipede.  The minute I drop you off at school you are running to say hi or give hugs to everyone. I think you know all the girls in the entire school. You have a passion for writing and nothing makes me smile more than seeing the notes you leave for mom and dad before you go to bed. You are one amazing girl and today at 2:54pm I will have been calling you mine for 7 whole years. Aubrey my wish for you this year is that you will continue to grow into the girl who loves fiercely, loves to act silly and will always know that you are so loved by God, your mom and your dad.

Tallie Ann- At 2:50pm you became my first born and have always let us know that you carry that title. I love you for your love for life, for your independence, for your willingness to always want to help me over anything else in the world except for maybe having snack. Natalie, thank you for loving me even when I fail as your mom. You have an unconditional love for me and I pray it continues forever. You love to talk and will talk to anyone. You also love to sing and for only being 7 you have an amazing voice. I often will ask you to sing a song because it simply amazes me how good you are. I would not be surprised if someday you follow in your momma's footsteps because you love anything medical and just like me you crave to know every detail about everything. I will never forget the time Aubrey was bleeding and didn't realize it until she had blood everywhere downstairs. You came running to tell me but at the same time you told me you would grab the band aids and then start cleaning up the blood. Never once where you grossed out at the cut Aubrey had or the blood that was literally covering the floors and cabinets. If you turn out not to be a nurse than my bet is on you being a lawyer. You will be able to argue any point put in front of you even if you are not right. I have a feeling you will always be my most challenging child to parent but I also think you will be the one to keep everyone in line. You are smart. You are not easily afraid of trying new things. You are willing to help anyone when they need help. I love you more than you can imagine Tallie and someday I do hope you give me those 20 grandkids that you keep telling me your going to have. 

Girls you two have a bond that I often look at and wonder if it is because of your personalities or is it because you have been together since the moment you were frozen in a straw? You have gone through everything in life together. You very seldom fight with each other. You never squirm away when one of you has the need to be close to the other. You are silly together, especially on the days you decide you want to be twins for the day. Most importantly you will always have each other and I think it is one of God's greatest blessings he has given you in life so far. 

Happy 7th Birthday Natalie & Aubrey. 
You are loved so incredibly much by your mom and dad.

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