April 03, 2015

An Easter Tradition

Every year for as long as I can remember I have dyed Easter eggs. Even when we had no kids and were living the life of college students we still found enjoyment out of coloring eggs. Last year I was extremely grumpy when we partook in this Easter tradition, as in I don't remember anything else about Easter except for how grumpy I was during eggs! This year I vowed to find joy in it.

Go figure that we had to call this boy in from outside to come help. He is always outside except for when eating or sleeping.
Someone decided to play during nap instead of sleep which makes for a very unhappy little girl.
Goof balls
And I did!! My plan was to wait until the babies went to bed tonight and then Paul and I would do it with just the big kids like we did every other year but then I reminded myself that my babies are not babies anymore. They are 2.5 years old and deserve to be included. I was not crazy enough to try dying eggs alone with 7 kids so we did wait for dad to get home from work. Paul had found this awesome kit that you literally toss an egg into a bag with thicken, glittery dye and roll the egg around. It was perfect for the babies and we only lost one egg to the Tank when he squished his egg instead of rolling it. Though it is kind of cheating as far as I am concerned they were probably the coolest eggs we have ever done.

Please no comments....he only had a sip and he thinks he is the luckiest kid ever!

The big kids were supervised by dad and did the traditional 'dunk the eggs in the dye' method. The first thing we figured out was when using fresh chicken eggs, aka non-store bought white eggs, they do nothing spectacular when placed in orange or yellow dye. Those two colors were set to the side. The other thing we quickly realized is kids have a thing for finding reasons to dip their fingers into the coloring. All colors mixed together on skin become green. Thankfully they have a whole day for the green to disappear before mass on Sunday.

Please ignore the 'post gym, post painting, haven't showered all day which means no make-up' look.
Half done. The big kids have one more box of roll on dye to do tomorrow when the babies are sleeping. My ocd-ness couldn't handle 2 year olds with rollers of stainable dye.
All in all the task of completing eggs left me with a smile and a small skip to my step because we did it and ended with lots of 'thank you, that was fun' instead of tears and the phrase 'we will never do that again' running through my head. New Easter baskets arrived today (my most awesome quad mama Ashley made them!), the target run was completed for all the Easter bunny goodies and dad is out picking up the last baseball mitt after running all over town looking for a glove for a left hand thrower. Now we can focus as a family on the true meaning of Easter...the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

A sculpture which one of my bridesmaid's grandfather commissioned for his field in North Dakota. 


  1. Here's a tip I read yesterday; you might want to consider it for future years:


  2. Sounds like a great day! Love all the family pics. Can't wait to meet everyone - SOON!

  3. The glitter eggs are pretty! I wondered how the brown ones would take dye. Happy Easter!


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