March 30, 2015

Playing Auntie

Today I got to be auntie to my nephew for an entire day. It was my sister's first day back at work and I totally remember how it was my first day back after I had the twins; it was amazing not to have to sing Old McDonald 50 times by 10am. I think my sister felt the same way and was very happy to get in some adult conversation. I on the other hand have completely forgotten how fast three hours goes by!
Baby wearing was the only way to feed four hungry quadlings.
Isabella looks huge! Where have my little babies gone?

It wasn't that long ago since I had babies but by lunch time I was exhausted. By that point I had already messaged my quad mama friends asking them how we did it with four babies at once. Or was it that I had 4 two year olds that were wrecking havoc, whining and fighting over everything while caring for one 4 month old? Not sure which but it took more energy to get through today than I have needed in a long time. I do have to say though cuddling and loving on a little one was awesome. I also sat down and watched not 1, but 2 episodes of Grey's Anatomy mid afternoon which is something I never do and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I think the 2 year olds had more fun with the baby toys than the baby did.
Jess he really is your son and I am not sure he got your best qualities!
Are you sure I am going to Grandma's tomorrow? Do you have any clue how quiet her house is compared to this one?
I loved getting a baby fix in but I can surely say I don't think I ever need to do the infant stage again. Sleeping through the nights, 1-2 set naps a day, kids who can communicate is more my style these days. Though I will gladly watch Brady any time I can you can bet I will gladly return him to his parents when they come back for him. I kind of see why the grandparent role is so coveted!

Brady survived a day with us!!!

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