March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patty's Day

St. Patrick's Day was never a 'holiday' we celebrated before kids. It was just another day on the calendar except it was a day we tried to wear green. This all changed though when the girls were about 3 because then it became the day that the leprechauns came and turned their breakfast green. Luckily for me we do not have leprechauns that like to mess up my house because I would have put an end to the holiday very quickly.

Aubrey's letter she left for Paul and I before she went to bed the night before St. Patrick's Day.

The problem with starting things with my girls is they NEVER forget so if the leprechauns would not have turned their food green today we would have had major tears. Probably just as big of ones we had last week when we forgot we had five teeth waiting under pillows for the tooth fairy. Natalie had 4 teeth pulled that day and Aubrey had lost one the night before but had left a note for the tooth fairy to wait an extra day before taking her tooth knowing that Natalie was getting hers pulled. Amazing how fast parents can come up with excuses of why these make believe people never showed up! I knew excuses wouldn't cut it this time so last night at 9pm I was wondering the aisles at Target looking for new green outfits for the twins since they had a free dress day at school and food items that were easy to turn green.

Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Lesnau for our leprechaun hats.

But it was so worth it because the first thing they did after coming downstairs this morning was run to the fridge and pull out their lunch boxes to find out if the leprechauns had once again messed with mom and dads packed lunch. Sure enough there was green waffles, green apples, green pea crisps, and green yogurt. They were even kind enough to leave lunch for the other 5 of the same thing and they also left a box of Lucky Charms for breakfast. That box of cereal earned us brownie points for a year since sugar cereals are a big no-no in our house. We did a much better job of playing sneaky leprechauns than tooth fairies as you can see!

First Lucky Charms and then a surprise stop at McDonald's for their very first shamrock shake. I would say it may be their new favorite holiday.

It wasn't until today when my first graders came home from school that I really learned who Saint Patrick was. Did you know he was kidnapped at age 16 by the pirates and then later became a bishop who was sent to Ireland? He used the shamrock to explain the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and that is why the shamrock is part of St. Patrick's Day. Yup I knew none of that and was very impressed that my girls could give me a history lesson today. So there is a reason we celebrate March 17th each year and I was glad to learn it wasn't just so we had an excuse to have corn beef & cabbage or green beer. I know the tradition of adding a little green food coloring to our foods will continue on this day for many years because it is so worth it to hear kids get excited over something as little as that. And if we the leprechauns ever decide to leave us a pot of gold next to those Lucky Charms Paul and I would be a tad excited too.

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  1. I have never seen so many well-behaved children in sitting together in one place!!!!! Just adorable!


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