March 28, 2015

Egg Hunting We Go

For the last couple of years we have gone to our local mom's of multiples Easter egg hunt. The first year the babies were still little and just laid on a blanket exactly where we put them. Last year they were a little more mobile but manageable. And this year it was 7 kids running in 7 different directions and it was fun, except for the part were we had to tell the oldest 2 that they had to go put eggs back because they misunderstood how many 5 eggs were. This was also the first year that I realized my oldest are really growing up and next year they will be too big to be a part of the egg hunt. How have my first born gotten to the age were they are too old to participate in festivities?

A bit sad but when I was going through the group pictures I had to keep counting because it just didn't seem like that many kids in the picture. Much to my surprise they were all there. Not sure what it means when one does not think 7 kids seems like that many. 
Next up: a birthday celebration for 2 very excited girls who say they are turning 7. I am not ready for them to be 7 because right after that they turn 17 and I am so not ready for that. Oh and in case you were wondering it is exactly ONE month until I am once again reunited with my quad mom bff's. I may just be a tad excited!!

I have no doubt this girl will have a career in helping people, especially children. She is the biggest helper and almost always loves helping them. She does it in more of a teacher type of way than a second mom. 
Pure joy over a stretchy man.

This girl has more teeth missing in her mouth right now than in. She has officially started the journey with the orthodontist who will hopefully work magic over the next year.

This is what daddy's do with their kids.
Love this picture. I can literally hear Rylan saying, "Hi Daddy" which is a favorite phrase whenever he sees mom or dad.
Always jumping...
As close as the Tank would get to the jump house. He certainly has some fears in life he needs to overcome.

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  1. What fun! We went to our first MoMs egg hunt this weekend, and had a great time like you. Is 7 really to big for an egg hunt?!?! No way! I cannot wait till the trip!!!


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