February 15, 2015

All I Did Was Blink...

and I went from 27 to 34. Not exactly sure how I feel about getting another year old. Maybe indifferent is the right word? My 30's have been way better than my 20's so I am okay for the moment but next year I may not feel the same since I will then be closer to the 40's than the 30's. For some reason 40 sounds too old for me to have already reached so for now I am going to enjoy just being 34. Celebrating my birthday has never been a big deal for me. It probably started when I was young since my parents owned a flower shop and you can just about imagine how busy my parents were leading up to my big day since it happens to be on Valentine's Day. Most likely I got to have my cake and presents on the 15th because my parents were completely worn out on my actual day and I kid you not when I say every birthday until I was a teenager I was sick. I don't think there is a picture of me opening presents without a red nose and a Kleenex in hand.

Once Paul and I started dating it was more fun to celebrate Valentine's Day than my birthday. It was a bonus though that we could go out to dinner to celebrate our love for each other and get a free meal or dessert with it! After we got married February 14th once again became a day to celebrate my birthday because Paul and I decided V-Day was a commercial holiday and an expensive one at that. In the end I usually ended up disappointed in how my birthday played out and I always had different expectations on how it should have gone so in my mind my birthday is just another day.

This year it was different though because I have had 3 kids who have been ecstatic it since the month of February rolled around. By Thursday, Drew could hardly contain himself because he knew mom's birthday was only 2 days away. Not sure exactly what he thought was going to happen but he was thrilled. Paul and I had celebrated my birthday/valentines day on Friday with a whole afternoon & evening out together. There were no flowers, chocolates or cards but instead time together watching 50 Shades of Grey (my choice not Paul's!) and eating sushi until we were stuffed.

My gifts from the big kids were their stuffed animals wrapped up. I exclaimed with each one how perfect it was.
So Saturday was all for me and I didn't have to share it with the competing love holiday. I had told Paul the only thing I wanted for my birthday was to sleep in and not have to get up with the kids or have them bugging me to make them their first meal of the day. Of course it was also the one night that not a single kid got up to be tucked back in or to tell me they had to go potty or that their throat hurt. Why does it always happen that way?? And for some reason I was wide awake by 6:30am but it was so awesome to just lay in bed and listen to the kids talk to Paul while he made breakfast. The best part was hearing Aubrey read the birthday card she had just made for me. I wish I could have recorded her voice reading it to her daddy because it made me cry and was the best part of the day. After I got out of bed at 7:30 it was a typical morning of breakfast for 9 with over crabby 2 year olds but then we organized the play room and got the upstairs prepped to paint. I think it is a sign of getting older when that kind of stuff makes one happy. Natalie had also informed me about 30 seconds after getting up that I had a massage to go to at lunch time. Daddy may not have been thrilled that she had already spoiled my one and only gift but she was so excited to tell me what was on my agenda.

Homemade cards. Paul had written Drew's message on a piece of paper and he then wrote it on his card. He has never done letters as well as he did  on the card. I was shocked when I was told he wrote it all by himself.
(Aubrey's bottom left, Natalie bottom right)
(Back of Aubrey's card)
My afternoon went a little like this: massage, iced coffee, picking out a cake that I have been wanting from Whole Foods and then I returned home to a little boy who had pinched his finger in the closet HARD. I hadn't been informed that a run to urgent care was going to be part of my birthday day but a middle of the night emergency room visit for a broken finger didn't sound fun either so we went and waited two hours in urgent care. After about an hour I knew his finger was fine but since we had already waited an hour I figured it was better to get it checked out so I didn't have mom guilt if something really was wrong. We made it home in time for Tate to have bacon and apples for dinner since his siblings ate the rest of the leftovers and it was already way past the babies bedtime of 6pm we decided to forgo cake with them and blow out candles with just the big kids. They had a blast singing Happy Birthday and I think they ended up singing four rounds of it.

Though an urgent care visit isn't the most fun it sure is a blast to have two hours of individual time with a kiddo. One thing I learned about Tate is he only has one voice: LOUD.
They were not happy that they were limited to 3 candles each. They did not understand why I did not have 34 candles in the house. After so many I think it becomes a fire hazard.

The joy the kids got out of mom turning 34 was so worth getting another year older. I am actually really excited to see where Paul and I are at when I hit the age of 35. This could be another adventurous year for us and we can't wait. We've been kind of boring for the last two years so it's time to shake things up again. As they say, 'your only as old as you feel' and thankfully I still feel young and that is what matters.

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