January 20, 2015

Wrap up of 2014

I have been asked to go watch Planes: Fire & Rescue with an adorable little man and I am so going to take him up on his invitation but before that I want to wrap up 2014. Since the movie has already started I am leaving you with a bunch of holiday family togetherness. Even though my family was all born and raised in Minnesota it is so awesome to have us all together as we have all begun or own families. My mom, brother, sister and I all live within 25 minutes of each other. These days that is not very common but when one does have family close by there is nothing than can beat it.

You know it's going to be a good day when you get away with eating M&M's before breakfast.
"Oh you got these for the little girls?"
Isabella loves any kind of baby. Little mommy in the making.

"Spinach dip anyone?"

Sometimes the safest place is under the cabinets in our house.

Cousin Axel
Sleeping away his 1st Christmas

I was so over nerf guns after this weekend. They were non stop.

Uncle Connor & Rylan
Natalie & Aubrey both learned to knit. Someday they can teach their mom...

Auntie Ella & Aubrey
It didn't take long to tear down the fence around our yard with lots of helpers. So windy and cold that day.
Missing the peanut who was having a complete meltdown because she couldn't open all of the gifts.
Paul and I may hog the baby when he comes over. Shocking since we have 7 under our feet at all times.
The artistic one just like big sister Aubrey.
Cousin Evan
I am calling this post complete, bread is baking in the oven and I am off to tuck myself under a blanket to cuddle with a cute 4 year old. After this weekend of potty training 4 miserably sick two year olds, I have no guilt about going to lie down til the big girls need to be picked up from school. Next up: how to potty train way too many toddlers at one time....

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