January 26, 2015

One Single Phone Call....

can change your entire path in life. I should be writing about the latest adventure of potty training 4 two year olds but tonight is not the night. All day I have been thinking about how this day 3 years ago, four of our kids were frozen in a straw and were waiting in a lab to be thawed the next morning. Science and the advances it has made to help those suffering from infertility is amazing but that is not what has weighed so heavily on my heart today. It is the fact that a phone call I answered 3 years ago changed mine and Paul's life more than any single moment in our life so far. That phone call is the reason we had 4 babies at one time instead of 2. It is why I got to tuck in 7 kids tonight when if we had gone with what we had discussed with the doctor we would have only tucked in 5. It is so hard for me to even imagine how with the doctors words of "two of your four embryos are non-viable" we were only planning on putting back 2 of our 4 frozen embryos. Why wouldn't we believe the doctor? He was an expert in his field. It took us 8 embryos of good quality to get the twins. Why would we put 2 embryos that would not produce a pregnancy back in? Yet, all it took was a single sentence from the embryologist, "occasionally in my career I have seen this grade of embryo take" for us to know it wasn't about us and all about those 4 babies who were frozen six years earlier. IF they had any chance at life there was no way I could just throw two them away.

As I watched my 4 miracles play today I couldn't imagine only having 2. I thought over and over, who were the 2 non-viable ones? Who was I going to discard? In a way it is almost painful for me to even think about. The emotions I feel on the anniversary of the quads transfer is so much more than the transfer of the twins (I actually can't even tell you when the twins were transferred!) because it is the day I almost lost the chance to be a mom to 2 of my kids. I can't even tell you how often I think about the embryologist who called me 3 years ago. I will forever be thankful for her and she is the reason why all 4 of my babies were given a chance at life.

Kenzie, Isabella, Tate & Rylan; you were our 4 remaining embryos. There is never a day, even in the middle of chaos, that I would ever chose not to put all 4 of you back in. You have made me a better mom, wife and person. Your dad and I are closer and more in love because of you. You have showed us what is important in life. Today I am grateful that a single phone call changed the path I had planned for myself in life because this journey is so much better than anything I could have planned.

Three years ago you were frozen in 2 straws, tonight you are 4 amazing brothers & sisters.


  1. Amazing.....words are useless right now! Praise God for your precious children.....ALL of them!

  2. God had a plan for those four little embryos and you listened! What perfect miracles those sweet babies are. xoxo

  3. I'm so glad you transferred all 4. Our situation is different, but the RE said I had two good follicles and two that were too small for anything to happen. I sometimes wonder which two of our quads were tiny, non viable follicles!

  4. Your babies are so beautiful. you are blessed!


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