December 01, 2014

Santa Paws Returns with a Twist

That dang Elf on the Shelf. He was a blast 4 years ago when we first started the tradition but now I kind of despise the thing. Natalie and Aubrey named him Santa Paws after the movie we had watched the night before he showed up all those years ago. That year Paul and I got into it. We created a mischievous adventure every night for 25 days. The girls woke up each morning excited to see what Paws had done. The tradition was born but the fun in it started dwindling fast for Paul and I. As in last year I think I actually refused to move him and so it was all up to Paul. It was no longer fun to move him around and instead of searching Pinterest for new ideas we would stand in a room, spin around and figure out a good spot to hang, tie or dangle Paws from with the least amount of work. This is not my idea of a tradition I wanted to continue.

This year I decided I am not doing it again. No more lying in bed at 11:53 trying to nudge Paul awake to tell him he forgot to move the stupid elf. Also the saying 'you better be good because Paws is watching you and he is going to tell Santa if you have been bad' was falling on deaf ears. The kids still looked forward to seeing Paws and they really do believe he goes back to Santa but he does not help my kids be perfect little angels during December. Plus this mom has enough to clean up each day without a plastic, fabric doll creating another one for me. So this morning Santa Paws did return to the Lesnau home but he left this letter;

Natalie, Aubrey, Drew, Kenzie, Isabella, Tate & Rylan,

I am so excited to be back with you! I love coming and visiting you every year during December. I was recently talking to Santa and he has decided that you are all old enough to learn about something more important than getting presents when he comes on Christmas. This year Santa wants you to learn how good it feels when you GIVE to others. Instead of having me watch you this year to see if Santa should bring you gifts, he wants me to watch for times when you are helpful, when you listen to your parents, when you say nice things to your brothers or sisters or other nice things. When you do these nice things I will have your mom or dad add a bell to the jar. When all the bells are added it is time to GIVE. You will get to do things like buy someone a coffee to make their day, buy a meal for a family, take a present to someone in the hospital or bring food to the homeless. Santa wants to see how many times you can fill the jar so you can GIVE to others. I can't wait to hear those bells drop into the jar.   
                                                                               Love, Santa Paws


  1. YOU guys are so SMART!!!! Good for YOU!!! I totally agree! That being said.......don't blame me if - in times to come - Louis Dean and I are being ridiculious and doing this 'thing' that we have never done before! Love following you and yours! YOU pave the way!!!

  2. Oh i love that idea so much more! I did our elf for one year and then I sold him at a garage sale. So good on you for keeping it up and turning it into so much more!

  3. This is a great idea! It's very visual and reinforcing for the kids. I don't put much thought into where Bop goes so it's not too much trouble, but I have forgotten. Ooops! We may try your twist in the future.


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