December 27, 2014

Recap of Christmas

It was LOUD.

It was not a free for all.

Kids in matching jammies melts my heart.

Excitement was off the charts.

Santa left footprints at the door.
Wrapping paper was picked up after each gift.

Best gift of all was a picture with all 7 kids looking with both mom & dad.

Big kids still talk about how they got to eat dinner in the living room after presents.

Drew does not like to share or even let the little kids look at his gifts.

Dad tried hard but he thinks Mom is smaller than she is.

Everyone wants to play with the same toy. Questioned why we don't buy 4 of everything.

Natalie caught 'Santa' building Santa's gifts...Mom came up with story...not sure if she is buying it.

The big girls say they got everything they wanted except for one thing. 

The one thing I know is Christmas gets more and more fun each year and also more relaxing. I can not even begin to imagine what our Christmas' will look like 20 years from now! Christmas 2014 we loved having you and are excited to welcome in the New Year in just a couple days. Praying 2015 continues to bring adventure and joy into the Lesnau home.

They were so excited to have us open the gifts they bought us from their school craft fair. We got candy canes, soaps, dad-hershey kiss angel, mom-earrings to match a necklace I have.
' I have wanted this my whole life.'

Picture 1- "I am tired of having my picture taken mom."
Picture 2- "I just told you I did not want my picture taken. Why do you knot listen to me?"
Picture 3- "These stickers I found on my sister's wrapping paper are the greatest gift I have gotten all night. Of course you can take my picture."

A hug for dad for putting together his car ramp.

First time watching 'A Christmas Story.' A Lesnau (not including mom) tradition that means Christmas to Paul.

It's not Christmas unless you are able to get away with eating M&M's for breakfast.

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  1. Your kids are so cute! Love them, Happy new year for you and your beautiful family, wish you all the best!


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