December 08, 2014

Heaven Sent

Brady Joseph Lucchese
December 7, 2014    7:46pm
6lbs 4oz   19 inches

Brady you are a little over 24 hours old and you are loved by so many people already. Yesterday when your mommy called me telling me her water broke I was giddy with excitement. Not only were we finding out who you were but my sister was becoming a mom. As I started driving to the hospital the Christmas song 'Mary, Did You Know' came on the radio and I started crying because all the emotions of knowing what it means to meet your child for the first time came flooding in. 

Oh Brady I can't wait to tell you someday how amazing your mom was as she welcomed you into this world. I have never been so proud of her. Your daddy did a pretty amazing job too! I never thought I would get to witness you being born but it is a moment in life I will never forget. Hearing your mom and dad giggle with joy as they found out they had a son was a sound filled with so much happiness. You were loved while you were in your mommy's tummy but that love multiplied ten fold when they laid eyes on you the very first time. 

Brady you have joined two pretty crazy families but between your grandpas & grandmas, your aunts & uncles and all your cousins you have so many people who will always be there for you. Now the hardest part is going to be figuring out who's turn it is to hold you and I think it just might be my turn...

We love you Brady Joseph

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