November 21, 2014

November 21st (Normal Family Stuff)

Day 15 - Normal Family Stuff

Tonight was Drew's Thanksgiving Feast for his preschool and the timing of it was not the best for us since it did not start until 6. The babies go to bed between 6-6:15 and the big kids are in bed by 7 so I knew it would be a late night for some. Earlier in the month I thought about getting a babysitter for the babies but then forgot to schedule one. Once I realized Natalie would be having surgery I knew either Paul or I would be staying home with her and the babies so a babysitter was no longer needed. And this remained the plan until this morning.

Drew woke at 6:30 and was already asking if it was time for his feast. After he asked me a couple more times within 30 minutes I told him it didn't start until after the babies took their naps. He then kept questioning me when it was time for the babies to lay down. Hard for a 4 year old to understand that naps can not begin at 8:30 in the morning. Natalie had a tough day. Pain was not so much of an issue but she has been throwing up with her pain meds so she is just plain worn out and not eating much so has zero energy. She is hardly even saying words to me and is instead trying to sign which for Natalie is shocking because the girl is never quiet. Even though today was not the greatest for her she still wanted to go to the feast. I figured if she was up for it I would let her go and since the babies took late naps why not have them come too. These evening events with babies are newer to us. For the longest time it was just easier to have one parent stay home. Keeping 4 babies up past their bedtime is torcher for everyone. But over the last couple of months they tend to not fall apart the minute the clock strikes 6. They are also all very independent at walking which makes getting into places easier because we do not have to bring strollers and since they do well at the dinner table we can go without 4 highchairs. Some parts of having 4 two year olds is harder than the infant/toddler stage but at the same time we are starting to see the transition from having babies to having a family with 7 young kids.

It was so fun to look down our end of the table and see my family all together at a school function. No one was left behind at home. And the best part was watching all my kids run around the school gym having a blast. It amazes me how far my 31 weekers have come. From being scared of what the future held when I first found out we were expecting quads to watching them run up and down a stage at a school gym. Today I am so thankful that even though we are a larger family with lots of little kids we are still just the average family enjoying the little moments of being together. 

By the end of the night the stage was full of kids and these 3 (plus Kenzie) loved being part of the big kids group.  I also counted 1, 2, 3, 4 over and over at least 50 times.

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