November 05, 2014

Give THANKS - November 5th (A Cup of Joe)

Day 5: A Cup of Joe

My love for coffee started when I was a broke college student who thought a pound of ground beef was expensive. And I am not talking a love for Folgers; we're talking a love for the dark, strong coffee. It was not the best of time to realize what Starbucks was but I made it though those college days one latte at a time. 

Now with 7 kids I have a whole new appreciation for coffee and today and every day I am so thankful for my one cup of hot, okay it starts off hot and eventually I finish it cold so we will just call it a warm cup of coffee. There are days I will have two cups but most days I am content with just one. I do not need it first thing in the morning to wake me up; instead I like it once the chaos of the morning has passed and I can sip on it over the next four hours. I am not kidding when I say it will last this long. Even when I am at work I am often finishing my thermos of coffee at 2pm. The caffeine is a benefit but is not the reason I am thankful for coffee. I really think I enjoy my cup of joe because it symbolizes a moment to myself  each day. 

That said Peet's wins hands down. I will never turn down a Starbucks but for all of you who say there is no difference between one coffee place and another you are wrong. There is a huge difference just like there is a huge difference between coke and pepsi. But moving on... I am also so thankful that after 17 years of Paul and I being together he has finally realized how happy a coffee makes me. Now all he has to realize is that I never change my drink. I am always a sugar-free vanilla Americano with cream. Now I may change it up from hot or cold but my drink never changes. There are days I would love to have a peppermint mocha or a pumpkin spice latte but I would also weigh 300 pounds so I choose a drink with minimal calories so I can treat myself often. I can always find an excuse of why I deserve a coffee when I am out running errands. Yes I am so thankful that there is a coffee house on every corner in the lovely state of California.

And one last thing; there is never a reason to drink coffee without a very generous splash of cream. So I guess I am also very, very thankful for cream too.

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