November 04, 2014

Give THANKS- November 4th

Day 4: The man who turns 60 today.

My dad is 60! I use to think 60 was old but I have now decided it really isn't that old. Today I am thankful for my dad and all the good and even the bad advice he has given me over the years. I am also thankful for the love of cooking and reading he has given me. Also my strong will, my independence, my smartalic attitude that has gotten me in trouble on more than one occasion, my Knapek thighs (okay never mind, I take that back I really wish he would not have passed those down to me), my love for Oreos, ice cream, chicken & dumplings and liverwurst. There are so many things you have passed down to me that make me who I am today.

There isn't a Christmas season that goes by that I don't miss the nursery you and mom worked so hard at for over 25 years. The sound of carols without words and the smell of apple cider & gingersnaps will always be a memory I carry with me. Oh how I remember the smell of a greenhouse fragrant with flowers in the summer and pine trees being flocked in the winter. Thank you for paying me way more than I deserved all throughout high school and also for all of the IOU's from the cash register. I know the nursery wasn't stress free for you but it is a place that I wish I could go back to because it reminds me of my childhood. 

Dad, today you turn 60. I would be lying if it hasn't crossed my mind that this is the same decade that Grandpa died. It pains me to know that you only had 9 more years with your dad on his 60th birthday. Today I am thankful for you and I pray that I have way more than 9 years to give you a hard time. Love you Dad and Happy Birthday.

Dad & his girls

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  1. I totally remember your parents store!!! And even the smell at Christmas! Love this post!


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