November 03, 2014

Give THANKS - November 3rd

Day 3: A Sister

Yesterday after I got home with Rylan from the hospital I traded him for the big kids and was off again. This time it was a much more exciting adventure though because we were celebrating my sister and her baby who will be arriving right around Christmas.

My sister and I were just that growing up; sisters. She is 5 years younger than me and to be honest I don't ever really remember playing with her when we were younger. She probably spent more time with our brother than me. When I went off to college she moved to California so besides the 2-3 times a year I came out to visit her junior high years passed along with most of her high school days. 

It wasn't until I was also living in California and she moved out of my parents house that we became friends along with sisters. She has gone through every trial Paul and I faced side by side with us. She found out we were having twins before Paul even knew. She has been at the hospital to celebrate each addition to our little family. Aubrey is even named after her. In my twenties is when I started really appreciating the fact that I have a sister. 

Through each phase in our life I have always been a few years ahead of her. I finished college and started a career. I found the love of my life and became a wife. A few years later I became a mom. My sister was always there to cheer me on but with each of those stages she couldn't put her self in my shoes. Now with the birth of her baby I feel we are finally going to be at the same spot in life. Our sister bond will become even stronger as she embarks on the greatest journey she has yet to take. And I can not wait to be there and watch her blossom as a mom. I also can not wait to love on my nephew (or niece!) and be an auntie once again. 

Cola, I love you and today I am so thankful I have a sister. I hope and pray that Natalie, Aubrey, Kenzie and Isabella will grow up to be more than sisters; to be each others' best friend and biggest cheer leaders. In only a few short weeks you will become a mom and it brings tears to my eyes to think how much that little person will change you and it is all because for the first time you will understand what unconditional love is. Love you sister.

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