November 30, 2014

Give THANKS - November 30th (A Perfect End to November)

Day 20th- A Perfect End to November

I cannot believe the month of November ends in 2 hours. It amazes me how we are so close to wrapping up 2014. I pray December can go just a little slower because I love this time of year and want the lights, music and family time to last just a little longer than usual.

This is my last Giving Thanks and during the month I realized how blessed I am. I didn't make it each day and I am okay with that but on the days I did write it amazed me how I always found something to be thankful for. One of my favorite things to do with the big kids at bedtime is to ask them what they were most thankful for that day. Their answers though sometimes silly to us adult type of people to them is what really mattered that day. They have a way of making us really appreciate the little things that often wouldn't get a second thought from us.

For me this entire weekend totally completes what I am thankful for most in my life; my family. Friday morning I woke up early to go get our fresh turkey from the grocery store. On my way I stopped and got my one black Friday deal of cedar garland. The next couple of hours we all spent the morning outside getting fall taken down and Christmas up. It still amazes me when I look around and their are kids running everywhere. All those little people are mine. I am so unbelievably lucky. 

Saturday we had our Thanksgiving since I worked Thursday and even though the kids knew it wasn't the real holiday they still came down the stairs and their first words as they greeted us in the morning were Happy Thanksgiving. We then had to turn on the recorded Macy's parade because to our kids Saturday was Thanksgiving and they wanted every tradition our family usually participates in to be present. That afternoon my mom, stepdad, sister and her husband joined us and as my kids are getting easier I love being able to just relax and enjoy the holidays. We drank adult beverages, ate way too much and saw who was the most competitive while playing games. It was a great way to wrap up the Thanksgiving activities and I am so thankful to have family close by. 

And today was a day Paul and I have been anticipating for a couple of weeks. I scheduled 2 babysitters to split the day so Paul and I could spend a whole day just doing whatever we felt like doing. No rushing to grab dinner, No grocery shopping, No going out after we were exhausted from putting in a full day. We left at 10 and returned at 7. We have not had a day when we had absolutely no plans without kids in forever. We didn't realize how nice it was until after we had eaten a late lunch and knew we still had time before we needed to head home. Even though it adds up to have a sitter for the entire day we decided we need to do this for us and are going to try to schedule one day a month for us. Who knows maybe we'll take up golfing? So on this last day of November I am also thankful for 2 amazing babysitters who I trust with my kids. They both love them as much as Paul and I do and I loved when Drew asked me this morning after the sitter came, "Mom will you please leave?" 

With great thanks to the past month I am now saying goodbye to November and Hello December. I am so excited that you have arrived so the season of Christmas can officially commence.

Why is that toddlers could care less if they are playing outside in the pouring rain? Don't they know mom is could while they apparently are just fine even if they are shivering? 

His pouting face. 

Her definition of pierced ears.

The kids table too hungry to smile for a picture.
Baby Lucchese due any day!!

Ring a round the Rosey (the grandma edition aka grandma had no idea how the song went so she made up her own words. Her daughters may have been close to peeing their pants!)
Spot It a game that Nicole says she is allowed to play because she is just too fast. 
Welcome December...

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  1. What a darling,sweet, and wonderful family you have! I've followed since before babies and have just been thrilled for you as you pass each new chapter in your lives. I especially was warmed by your thankful post about your relationship with the Lord! What is more wonderful than a Christian family, raising their little ones to follow Him!!??



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