November 23, 2014

Give THANKS - November 23rd (Diva Cup)

****Disclaimer**** If you are a male reader please feel free to visit again tomorrow because I am discussing female issues today!!

Day 17 - Diva Cup

From the very first day I got my period back in junior high I have always worn tampons. I was on swim team and so pads would not cut it. I can still to this very day remember trying to insert the smallest tampon they make while my mom tried her hardest to explain with a mirror just where it was suppose to go. I don't remember being mortified but rather 'you want me to put that where?' From that day on I have gone through thousands of tampons and after I had my tubes tied I can't believe how heavy my flow is on the first couple days. I felt like a girl in high school again always worried about leaking. It sucked.

About a year ago a couple of the moms in my October 2012 Moms of Multiples group were talking about how they used a Diva Cup. I had never heard of such a thing so I pulled it up on Google and realized it was basically a reusable silicone cup that sits internally to catch ones menstrual flow. I found it interesting but figured tampons worked just fine for me so why change something that was working. Then a few months later the girls brought them up again and a couple more of the moms had ordered them and almost all of them were singing its praises. I searched for it on Amazon just to see what they cost and decided to give it a try. For $30 I was willing to see if it really was worthy of all the shout outs it was getting on my Facebook group. The three main reasons I decided to try it was 1. I was out of tampons and needed to by a new Costco size box anyways; 2. my flow on Day 1 & 2 is ridiculously heavy and I am constantly needing to change my tampon on those days; 3. as I am getting older I have noticed that on days I am wearing a tampon I get a pain down below like I have been having you know what over and over (Not a good feeling at all). 

After my Diva Cup arrived in two days, thanks to Amazon Prime, I actually anxiously awaited Aunt Flow. Let me just say the first month I was highly disappointed. It was messy. I felt more paranoid about leaking than I did with tampons. And I felt I needed to be home whenever I needed to change it because lets just say it wasn't pretty when it was time to take it out. Over the next 25 days I decided I wasn't giving up so easily and I was pleasantly surprised when the following month I started seeing why the mom's said they liked using them but I was still on the fence of whether I should buy a box of tampons for a back up plan. 

Now months into it I can say I will NEVER buy another tampon again. I am so thankful for my Diva Cup for a number of reasons. 

  • My periods use to be about 5 days long. They are now about 3.
  • I never get cramps anymore where before I use to get them the first day when I would first insert a tampon.
  • I do not get sore down below like I did with a tampon.
  • I have figured out when I need to change it so I seldom worry about leaking.
  • I do not have to buy a product that will just be thrown away. Talk about a waste of money.
  • I don't have to worry about toxic shock syndrome when I forget to empty it towards the end of my period.
  • It is super comfortable.
  • And recently I realized just how thankful I was for it. When Rylan was recently admitted to the hospital the last thing on my mind was my menstrual flow. After about 2 hours at the ER I remembered that I was on my period and needed to empty my cup. I did not have to stress about whether or not I had grabbed a tampon or if I could find one buried in my diaper bag. Instead I took Rylan to the restroom with me. Emptied my cup, rinsed it and placed it back in. I even told Paul once we were settled into his hospital room how happy I was that I didn't need him to run me down tampons because I completely forgot I would have needed them. It really is the small things in life that can make one happy.
I am now coming up on that time of the month so I will throw my Diva Cup in it's cute little bag into my purse so that I am ready when I need to be because today I am thankful for a silly little silicone cup.

****Disclaimer #2**** Everything written is authentic and opinions and thoughts expressed are 100% my own except for the picture taken from Diva Cup.

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