November 22, 2014

Give THANKS - November 22nd (Getting Stuff Done)

Day 16 - Getting Stuff Done

I can not remember the last time Paul and I have been home together all day. Between my work schedule and his we have literally been single parenting it from sun up to sun down. I could tell it was starting to affect us because when we find ourselves in this pattern for too long we I start getting short with Paul. I have been looking forward to today since the beginning of the week. I knew besides Aubrey's choir rehearsal we had nothing going on and these are my favorite type of days. 

We stayed in bed til 7:30 even though we may have been awake earlier and we may have told Drew to just give us a couple of minutes and to shut the door while he went to the kitchen to have a banana before breakfast! We then got up and had an awesome Saturday breakfast of scrambled eggs (with just a little cream cheese melted in; yummy), sausage, hash browns and raspberries. I love making big breakfast on the weekends and there is nothing like having your husband ask if he can make you a cup of coffee. I then took Aubrey and Natalie to rehearsal and after that it was a rainy day of just being home. Paul worked in the garage. I worked on painting the big girls desk, giving my kitchen table a 3rd coat of wax after painting it last week and starting up again on painting our downstairs. Natalie napped and hung out in my room, the babies took a great siesta and woke up happy, while Drew & Aubrey played together the whole afternoon. Today it was nothing special but it was so nice to not have a ton going on and to just have time to work on projects that we have been wanting to complete. 

We finished the night by making a cardboard box race car in which Drew became very annoyed with anyone touching it. Homemade pot pie. Me attempting to teach the big girls how to use a skip-it. They were pretty amazed at my hidden talent! A tired Drew who threw a fit when his wheel fell off of his said car. A meltdown by said tired boy. Little kids thinking Tate's crib being transitioned into a toddler bed is cooler than sliced bread. Natalie, Isabella and I cuddling and singing before bed. And we ended the night with bedtime prayers for all 7 at 6:30pm with a promise of a movie night tomorrow if they all went to sleep right away. Paul is now eating dinner and I am off to join him because I am so thankful that besides church in the morning we get to have another day just like today, tomorrow.

The big kids love when magazines come in the mail. I will always find circles throughout them and I love to see what they have chosen. I also love when they tell me that they circled a certain item for one of their siblings knowing they would like it.
Still not feeling good but she wanted to do her make-up work.

Halloween socks with Christmas decorations!
Aubrey is known for creating games for everyone to play. Problem is that she becomes frustrated when 2 year olds have an different idea of how the game should be played.

Delicious homemade pot pie. Recipe courtesy of one of my twin mommy friends.

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