November 01, 2014

Give THANKS- November 1st

30 days in Novmeber. Will I post daily? Probably not and it isn't because I am not thankful. It is simply that life is busy and some days getting on the computer just isn't high on my to do list. Plus the fact that once the kids go to bed I am spent and being creative enough to write just isn't happening. So on those days I forget to post just take a look back through all my old pictures and know that on those days I am forever grateful for the husband and children who need me and keep me too busy to sit down and type.

Day 1: Days Off, Family & Rainy Saturday Mornings

today i am thankful for a job in which i can take days off to spend them in my kids classrooms helping with their halloween parties and carnivals. i am thankful for how my their eyes light up when they see me at school. it is that sparkle i see that tells me just how much my kids love me. i am thankful for family and friends to spend an evening in the rain trick or treating and then staying up later than we should have playing cards. 

and on this first day of november i am thankful for a rainy saturday morning in which we slept in. we boycotted the gym and instead ate breakfast at 9:30. all the crib bedding is changed and the big kids are off playing make believe. keeping it real though not everything is sunshine and gum drops since we do have 4 babies all coming down with colds and are anything but entertaining this morning! any-who there is something to be said about rainy days that just make staying home seem okay and for this i am thankful.

And this is what happens when mom tries to hop on the computer mid morning while some littles are left with my back turned!

'Mom I just simply moved the kitchen stool over to the other side of the kitchen and a cupcake just happened to be sitting there. Oh and that other cupcake that has the frosting gone, I am not sure how that happened.'

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  1. Love it!!! Yes, you do have so much to be thankful for!!! Love watching them grow up right before our eyes on Facebook and the blog!


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