November 19, 2014

Give THANKS - November 19th (Kids & Surgery)

Day 14 - Kids & Surgery

Tonight I am thankful for having kids who are very comfortable in any medical setting. My kids get excited to go to the doctors and ask to go to the dentist because twice a year is not enough for them. We never made a big deal out of going to these places so I don't think they ever realized that some kids are scared when they find out they have to go in for a check-up or a shot. They have also visited me when I am at work numerous times over the years so seeing someone on a ventilator or with a feeding tube coming out of their nose is no big deal. And like Natalie told her nurse today she got to visit her own babies when they were in the hospital. With that said, even I was surprised by how amazing Natalie did today when she had to go in for an outpatient surgery.

Natalie started seeing the orthodontist this summer because she has some jaw issues. I always contributed her narrow front jaw bone to her love of her left thumb. She has been a thumb sucker since she was months old and even though I have tried everything from hot sauce to duct tape to basically telling her I'd buy her a pony that girl will not stop. When we saw the orthodontist I was hoping he'd have a grand solution to end this sensory habit of hers but instead he told me that it would be nice to give her thumb this much credit but we couldn't. She has many signs of restrictive airway and most are facial and jaw changes. He wanted us to see an ent before he began working on her mouth. The ent also agreed that her tonsils were very large and even though she has no sleep apnea, no snoring, no documented cases of strep throat he also recommend taking her tonsils out.

We waited til this week because once she had surgery she needed to be out of school for at least a week. With Thanksgiving break next week she only has to miss three days of school. All week Aubrey has telling her what to expect since she is an expert after having hers out 2 years ago. Natalie was looking forward to all the ice cream and popsicles she had been told she would get to eat. This morning I woke Natalie up at 5 and her first words were 'Mommy, I'm nervous' so we headed downstairs for some essential oils, some brushing of teeth and we were off. Once at the hospital Natalie wanted to answer all her own questions and spell her name whenever anyone asked for verification. One nurse asked if I was sure she was only 6 because she showed no signs of being nervous. She thought pre-op was great as she watched people get their iv's started and told her nurse that she wanted to be a nurse when she got older, not a doctor. On the way to the double doors where I had to go my separate way she kissed me and told me not to leave.

An hour later, which was not enough time for me to settle into my book(!), I was brought back to a tearful little girl who said her throat hurt a little. After a little fentanyl and a grape popsicle she was off and asking questions again. She felt like quite the princess on her ride out in a wheelchair and I heard no complaints as she ate her jumba juice.

So today, after many days of missing my thankful posts, I am so grateful for kids that go with the flow and though they get nervous at times they do not have fears of doctors, needles, or anything else found in the medical world.

Keeping ourselves entertained!
This is the part she feared the most. She knew I couldn't go in with her but on the drive in she asked if I could get a chair and just sit right outside the door.
A tearful love as she wakes up.
A little pain med in the iv and the tears are gone.

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