November 15, 2014

Give THANKS - November 15th (Husband Home!)

Day 13 - Husband Home

I am one happy momma today because my partner and crime is back home after being gone for over a week. Last Sunday we got home form Disneyland with the big kids at 1:30am. Paul left for Ohio at 11am and has been gone ever since. He had to go for work and after a week of him being gone I am so happy that he very, very seldom has to be gone overnight. It wasn't that I need help with the kids, it was simply that I missed him like crazy. Paul use to travel a lot when we had the twins and it was just the way life was. He was miserable with being gone every night and I was jealous of him as he went out for dinners and slept an entire night as I was home with newborn twins. Now though I am use to having him home with me and I decided this week I like it this way. 

The kids were excellent and I really didn't lose my cool with them. I find when you have to be a single parent you know there really is no other option. No one was going to show up and help with dinner, baths or homework so I just had to be super organized. During naps I made dinner each day so that I didn't have to try and make something healthy with 7 kids vying for my attention. We did homework after the babies were in bed so I could concentrate on actually helping the girls. And once all kiddos were in bed I realized I missed my husband. I had no one to talk to, no one to snuggle up to and no one to tuck me in as I went to bed. I also didn't have anyone to check on those weird noises that always happen at night and I hate checking on noises!

Paul was suppose to get home last night but got majorly delayed out of Ohio and then missed his flight out of Chicago. Let's just say I had one unhappy 33 year old as he made his way to a hotel but 3 kids who thought it was cool that daddy was stuck in snow. Mommy was sad that I had to wait one more day so I may have done a happy dance when a handsome, dark haired man walked in to my unit with a Peet's coffee at lunch time (I think someone may have read my thankful post on my love for coffee because he went out of his way for Peet's rather than going to Starbucks which is right across the street from the hospital!). Today I am thankful that I am married to a man who I miss when he is gone. Not because I want help with the kids, though that is nice, but because I truly enjoy sharing my days with him. Love you baby boy.

Photo courtesy of one of the big girls. 
The Welcome Home sign the big kids made daddy.
Aubrey's part
Drew's racetrack
Natalie: "I love you Dad. We all miss you. You are the greatest dad. I am sorry that you got stuck in snow tonight or the night before. Love Natalie & Mom & Kenzie & Tate & Isabella & Rylan & Aubrey & Drew"

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