November 12, 2014

Give THANKS- November 12th (3 hour window)

Day 10 - My 3 hour window

There is never a day that I am not thankful that I have kids who take good naps. From the time the kids enter our room at 6:00 in the morning we are going non stop. By the time lunch time rolls around we are all ready for a break. The babies start to get cranky and mom just needs to be able to go to the bathroom alone. Each day between 12 & 1 the babies go down for a nap and they usually stay asleep for 3-3.5 hours. If the big kids are home they either get to rest too or play outside. I do have to say that on the days the big kids are in school nap times are just a little bit nicer because I get so much done. I wish I could say that during the 3 hours the babies nap I sit and eat my daily quota of bon-bons but I don't. I get so much done. During today's naps and only being two hours and 19 minutes into it I have cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast and lunch, made another mess while making dinner of stuffed shells and homemade marinara so it is ready after we pick up the big girls from choir at 4:30, filled and started the dishwasher, cleaned out the chicken coop so before picking up the girls I can run to the feed store and pick up more shavings for the cleaned out coop, showered, at my own very healthy lunch of Tomato& Basil Wheat Thins, chatted with my quad mom bffs, and now working on this post. After I hit publish I am packing up the fall decorations and then my 3 hour window will come to an end. 

I love my kids dearly but sometimes we all need a break from one another. I do not get much done with a handful of little people under foot during every waking minute and a person can only take so much screaming from said little people. It is amazing how loud 4 toddlers can be. If you don't believe me come on over for a morning and you too will be so happy when nap time commences. So thank you to the book Babywise who I contribute my amazing sleepers too and I am off to get my fall containers out of the garage because all too soon I will hear little boys talking back and forth letting me know that naps are over.

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  1. I love Baby Wise, as well! I have been blessed with three great nappers/sleepers. I have other parents questions how I do it, and I always respond with Baby Wise. I totally agree with the joy of getting things accomplished during nap time, and I have singles! I couldn't imagine what 4 toddlers at once would be like...just remember to relax every now and then too.


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