November 11, 2014

Give THANKS - November 11th (Little Friends)

Day 9 - Little Friends

Moving out to the country does have one fall back compared to living in an area where houses are on top of each other and that is having friends to play with. Our old neighborhood literally had 15 kids just around our cul-de-sac and that did not include my own 7. After a couple days of my kids hanging out together they have a hard time finding a nice word to say to one another. So with this being day 7 of the kids all together I knew it was time for a play date. It is so much easier to have friends over even if it does add more kids in the house because they all play so much better with the added company. 

Today I am thankful for the joys that our friends bring us. For the extra giggles and the couple minutes of quiet that I find in my house as the kids play outside on this cool, fall day.

I also love that our neighbors have a very full house too with 8 kiddos. As I was doing laundry I looked outside to see my kids playing with their 2 youngest boys across the fence. There is nothing better than to hear the giggles that friends share. The neighbors have added a passage way through the fence so it is much easier than rigging up a ladder when the kids want to play. 

Afternoon tea party complete with crafts

Drew and his 'best buddy' as he calls him.

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