November 10, 2014

Give THANKS- November 10th (Egg Laying Chickens)

Day 8- Egg Laying Chickens

When we moved to the country I was so excited to have chickens so we could collect eggs daily. We go through a lot of eggs and at $4-5/dozen for farm fresh eggs I just couldn't justify it when we go through 2 dozen for a Sunday breakfast. So I was one happy momma when our chickens laid their first egg and everyday since we go out daily to our coop to see how many eggs await us. Currently we get about 10 a day which is more than we need so we have some happy neighbors when they see the kids walking down the road with cartons of eggs. 

Today I am thankful for our 12 hens and our one lone rooster who provide us with eggs and who also are great at eating all of our left over food.

1 comment:

  1. That's awesome! Pre quads we had four bantam chickens. They were so sweet and started laying a handful of eggs daily. But they destroyed our city yard so they were sent to a real farm.


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