October 17, 2014

The Salem's

Long before I even thought about being a blogger I had a handful of blogs that I enjoyed reading. One of the blogs I fell in love with is 'No Greater Joy Mom' and in it Adeye shares her journey in life and her ever growing family.

Adeye and her husband, Anthony, have 3 sons of their own but their family did not stop there. They have been blessed with 6 more children through adoption; 2 special needs princesses from China, 2 adorable kiddos who have Down syndrome from Ukraine and 2 more blessings from Bulgaria who have profound special needs. They have now been called to adopt 4 frozen embryos who they will be transferring in December and giving them a chance at life.

Once reading about the next journey the Lord has called the Salem family to follow I couldn't remain the silent reader I have always been. I shared with Adeye our story of our 4 frozen embryos (2 of which we were told were non-viable) and she asked me to share our story with her readers today on 'No Greater Joy Mom'. 

You can follow Anthony & Adeye on their blog and I know they would appreciate an extra prayers for the right paths to be paved as they are called to add another blessing (or more!) to their amazing family. 

1 comment:

  1. I will definitely bookmark your blog and come back to visit! Found your story on Adeye's blog - thank you for sharing!

    We also struggled to get pregnant, and now have 15-year old quadruplets, plus have adopted once. It definitely has been a wild, but fun and blessed ride:)


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