October 16, 2014

Not Wanting to Jinx It

You know those times when everything just seems to be going in the right direction? Well we are in that moment of life right now. By no means is life perfect because I really don't think there will ever be a perfect on this side of heaven but we have found our rhythm. School is 2 months in and we have adjusted after being home for the summer. Drew is no longer crying every morning before preschool telling me he doesn't want to go for the single reason of not wanting to take a nap. He also is no longer clinging with a death grip to my pant leg as I try and usher 4 two year olds out of preschool who only want to stay and play with all of the toys. The girls love doing their homework so they quickly complete their packets the minute they get home on Mondays which leaves us with only spelling words the rest of the week. So far preschool and first grade are working for us. 

Always amazes me how well they can get together when they know their only other option is taking a nap.
Hello swimsuits in October. I prefer jeans and a sweater in October but Mother Nature has different preferences. 

Work for Paul and I are busy but it is okay. Sad to say but often it is the only free time out of the house that we get. Who ever thought going to work was someday going to classify as 'me time'? Lately Paul and I have been day dreaming often, as in daily, about the days ahead when we can go on vacation again just the two of us. We didn't appreciate it before when we could just pack a bag, board a plane and enjoy time alone. Why? Probably because we didn't realize how important it was to have that time together. Now we find ourselves loving each other more than we ever have and we yearn for that time to reconnect. Not sure when it will happen so for now we will just continue to day dream together.

The first ramp which was quickly followed by a second ramp when the big kids could not get time on it due to 4 little ones riding their bikes and taking their baby strollers on it. Dad put a stop to building when they asked for a 3rd one.
Is it a reflection of my parenting when instead of telling them to get down a million times, my thought is at least it is a short fall onto the small landing before the stairs go into their full descent?
We have had our first fall cold and I definitely got hit the hardest. Talk about sinus pressure. Everyone else but Paul got it but it was short lived except for the cough that has decided to stick around. The kids sound like some kind of off tune orchestra at night but thankfully no one got super cranky, clingy or whiny with this round of colds. Hoping by continuing to use essential oils all of our colds will be short lived this winter. 

The biggest milestone this last month has been the fact that after almost 3 years we are back at the gym. As soon as we found out we were pregnant with 'triplets' Paul took away my gym rights. Then when we found out we were really expecting quads the doctor quickly told me there would be no going to the gym period for the rest of my pregnancy. After the babies were born workouts were the last thing on my mind. Sleep was far more important than getting back into shape. Follow that by two winters of being on lock down during the cold & flu season and before you know it 2.5 years have passed since we stepped foot inside a gym. Paul and I decided at the beginning of the school year that we were finally ready. The big kids were in school, the babies were down to one nap and their immune system is hopefully past the crucial preemie stage and to be honest Paul and I just need sometime to ourselves on the days that we have the kids alone. The first day I took just Drew and Rylan. The other 3 babies still had a barky cough and I wasn't going to be that mom who brings her kids to the gym sick and Natalie & Aubrey had lost gym privileges earlier in the morning for lack of listening skills. Rylan was all smiles and he was so proud of himself as we walked into the gym. I had a harder time than he did knowing he was without all his sidekicks but he proved to me that he is an individual and did just fine. The next day it was just me and the quads. I was nervous since they have never been without someone they know but as soon as we got inside the daycare they were off, even Ms. Isabella. I got in 90 minutes of working out without being called once. It felt like freedom. I need this time for me and to finally do something for myself besides laundry or cleaning up dishes. I expect many of our mornings spent at the gym this winter and the best part is I now have en excuse to eat a cookie every now and then!!

Yes you may see a theme here of Tate wearing his sisters' pj's. Some days it just doesn't matter what one wears to bed.
Kenzie is in love with her big brother. I love seeing how 7 sibling split off; Natalie & Aubrey, Drew & Kenzie, Isabella & Rylan, Tate &...currently he just plays with  anyone who will let him in their group. He also happens to be the loudest and the biggest rough houser. Have a feeling there is a reason he is the odd man our right now.
I am nervous to say that we are in a good place because the moment that I do something is going to throw it all off balance. Yes some days we are scrambling and trying to be in 6 places all at once. And there are days Paul and I are ecstatic when 7pm rolls around but for the most part life is good. So I am knocking on wood and trying not to jinx it but if life can just keep rolling on like it is I would be very content.


  1. Glad you got your groove, girl! Jealous of the gym time--- do the 90 minutes include a hot shower & iced coffee, too???

  2. Just had my 3rd baby and was thinking about getting a gym membership too. 90 minute break sounds pretty nice! :)

  3. It feels so awesome when we are able to hit a good stride, so enjoy this one while it lasts! We know those hard days will be back again, but at least you are enjoying a nice slice of life until then. :)


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