October 30, 2014

No Carving Needed

There are a couple activities that make me cringe when I think about doing them with 4 two year olds. The two that come quickly to mind are dyeing Easter eggs and carving pumpkins. The biggest reason these activities are way low on my list to complete with multiple toddlers is the mess they make. Sticky, stringy pumpkin guts and dye being spilled brings way more anxiety than thrills. This year I was feeling the guilt of Halloweens past when we would spend the evening before Halloween creating our pumpkins and it is something we have never involved the quads in. I was trying to figure out how to incorporate the babies into this tradition without my stress level going through the roof. Then a couple weeks ago I saw the cutest little pumpkins in the store and the idea of painting pumpkins popped into my head. It was quite funny when 2 of my other quad momma friends also posted blogs this week which showed of their quadlings artistic pumpkin painting skills! I was so excited because I was going to be the mom that actually did an art project with the babies. I tend to be more of the mom who will load them all up and go to the park, the mall or anywhere rather than create a mess on purpose. Preschool is a great place to do all that messy fun stuff.

So last weekend we picked out four of the cutest little pumpkins along with a handful of water based paints. We weren't even to the car yet and the big kids were talking about how they were going to paint their pumpkins. There was no talk of carving, of slimy hands pulling out pumpkin seeds or what designs they wanted dad to make on their pumpkins. I think I may have even seen Paul do a happy dance because it meant no staying up til 2am to finish a pumpkin carving of Elsa after a 6 year old got bored after 15 minutes. See in years past this is 100% a dad task. I will roast the seeds but that is where my part ended.

We ended up having the most awesome pumpkin 'carving' night ever. A new tradition has been formed in our house. I love the idea that our pumpkins will last into November on our porch instead of finding the green waste bin 2 days after Halloween. It was messy but no where near the mess I was expecting with 4 toddlers and multiple cups of paint. When we had rotated all 7 colors we carried kids to the shower and they had fun watching all the paint wash off their bodies. A no stress activity in which the parents got to enjoy watching each little artist create their masterpiece.

She did not like the first paint splatter that landed on her hand but it didn't take long before she decided being messy wasn't so bad after all.
Can you guess who was the first to decide to find another canvas besides his pumpkin?

My pumpkins are now asleep eagerly anticipating their costume parties at school. I am praying the rain can hold of until at least 7pm. And our painted pumpkins are hoping to at least greet one or two trick or treaters tomorrow night.

Do you have any traditional activities that you have added your own twist to? May everyone have a very safe and fun Halloween and if you get any Reeses Peanut Butter Cups you are welcome to send them my way because for some reason my kids all inherited the same favorite in terms of Halloween candy.

The hired help, aka husband, was deciding if he wanted to be a chimney sweeper for Halloween. He has decided to pass.
Every time it came time to rotate this is how Kenzie protested until she realized she would be getting another cup of paint.
Originally she was going to paint Elsa but it quickly changed into 'I'm just going to paint' after Elsa's hair was completed.
Yes you really are seeing a painting of Spiderman. Just go with it to make the 4 year old happy.

The paint also doubles as beautiful lipstick if you run out of your favorite color.

Only one paint brush hit the floor.

6:00 in the morning and my kids were more than happy to show of their pumpkins. Why, oh why, do they need to get up so early? There is nothing that exciting going on at that time of the morning.
Only one more holiday (Thanksgiving for all you stores and commercials that skip right over it) until Santa Jesus will be coming!


  1. LOVED this post!!! What a great idea - PAINTING pumpkins!!! I spray painted one gold a few years ago and added bling......but then I am a senior citizen and that's the kind of thing WE do!!!
    6AM??? Really???? My oldest grandkids woke at that (UNGODLY!!!) hour back when their parents visited Amber and Mike when they were living in Scotland and we were taking care of my ONLY three grandchildren while they were gone. Now they know that their MiMi does NOT do mornings and they read or something until a 'decent' hour! The reason Amber's quads do not get up early is because SHE was trained NOT to get up at 6AM!!! Her dad would leave a snack and drink in the corner of her crib every morning before he went to work. She knew to eat and drink - and then roll over and go back to SLEEP!!! Great post, Krista!!! Happy Halloween to you and yours!!

  2. Pumpkin painting was sooo much better than carving mess, and much more engaging for two year olds. I'm proud of you for taking on a craft with 7 littles! Not easy.
    I'm a little disappointed, a few of our painted pumpkins started molding after a few weeks of 90 degree temps. Still lasted way longer than carved pumpkins. I think I'll look for plastic ones on clearance to paint next year!


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