September 03, 2014

My Sidekick Is Growing uP

I knew this day would eventually come and even though I am totally okay with it, I can not believe my little man has started preschool. He is my only child that has been a singleton. To most, that word is not part of their everyday language but to a house with more multiple births than single births we all know what it means. The girls even introduce Drew as the singleton when introductions are made.

Drew is the only one who had my whole tummy to himself and I knew without a doubt that every kick I felt during my pregnancy was his. I only needed one boy name and one girl name when he was born and thankfully he was a boy because even one girl's name was too much for us to figure out in 2010. He never had to tandem nurse as a singleton. The time I spent with him every three hours is some of my most cherished time with him. He was also the only baby that slept in my bed when he woke at 5am every single day until he was a year old. I could have easily broken this routine he was in but I think I needed it more than he did. When he became a big brother at the age of 2 his world was rocked but he never once let on that it had been. Instead he joined the big kid club. In a way he became a triplet instead of a singleton because whatever the girls did he was right beside them doing the exact same thing. But when they were gone at school he quickly became my little sidekick. His favorite time was when the babies were down for nap and it was just he and I. Just like it use to be at 2 o'clock in the morning when the world was asleep and he and I sat in the living room together nursing; a mom and her little boy.

But as Drew turned 4 his mom was no longer enough for him. He longed to be going to school with the girls. He wanted to wear a backpack proudly and kiss me good bye knowing I would pick him up when the day was done. He needed other kids to play with other than his little brothers and sisters. He needs this and I get it. I am excited for him because he is so excited. When the girls went off to preschool I had a hard time knowing someone else was spending the day with them but when I waved and walked out the preschool door today I couldn't help but smile because someone gets to spend the whole day with my little man. He is an example of someone who loves life, who goes with the flow, who has no enemies, and who has no idea the difference between purple, orange, black or any other color.

It is weird for me to know that Drew is by himself without a single family member within eye sight. I have never dropped a kid off without a sibling being with them. I know of any of my kids Drew is the best kid to be a singleton but it is still slightly nerve racking. Last night when I woke Drew up to go potty at 10pm, I asked him if he was excited and he smiled and nodded his head 'yes'. I asked him if he would stay home tomorrow because I was going to be sad when he was gone and he told me I could stay home with daddy. I asked him if he would stay home if I promised him a bowl of ice cream and he told me no. So then I upped the anti and asked him if he would stay home if I bought him a Dutch Bros and he said maybe!

Rylan freaked out when we walked into the preschool. I think he thought it was a doctors office! Tate would not move from where he was sitting. I think he would have been just fine following his brother around all day even without his parents there. Two more years buddy and mom & dad will be waving you goodbye. 
In one hour I will find out how my sidekick's day was and I am expecting to see nothing but smiles and hear how awesome it was. It will take me a couple of days to get use to not having him around when the babies go down for their naps but I know he is growing up and I could not be prouder of the little boy that his dad and I sent off to school this morning.

And not to be fooled, even with three kids away at school we still  have 4 at home! Life continues on at home just minus one kid. 
Rylan again in one of his fake cry moments because he wanted the plastic water bottle. Boy oh boy life is hard when one is 2.
Daddy working in the office. Amazing how much he can tune out when he is working. 

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  1. Aww, this was a huge milestone for both of you! I'm sure he rocked preschool, and had some amazing first day tales.


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