August 12, 2014

The Quads got the Memo....

that they have entered the terrible twos! Little did I know that the quads had a couple shenanigans up their sleeves to welcome me into their world as 2 year olds. Not sure when they worked as a team to figure out how to put their own stamp on turning two but they did. First of all I thought it would be fun to take my camera up to their rooms when we got them out of their cribs in the morning but much to my surprise I would catch them in the middle of being mischievous 2 year olds. The boys were super talkative but not in the 'come get me out of bed NOW' tones they usually use. I quickly discovered why when I opened their door to discover Tate butt naked with his diaper thrown on the floor and his jammies lying in his crib. He of course took aim and successfully peed between his crib rails onto the floor. Rylan was not as successful in the removal of clothing but was able to paint his sheets with poop when he got one side of his diaper undone. Tate was pointing at Rylan, Rylan was pointing at the poop on his sheets and I believe the poop was laughing at me and welcoming me to life with four 2 year olds. Because it was their birthday I remained calm but in my tough momma voice I did let them know taking off ones diaper is NOT okay.

Love how he is pointing to his brother who is taking off his diaper.
And he is pointing to his sheets that now need to be washed  while his diaper is hanging off in the back.
She saw me walk in with the camera and she would not look at me no matter what I did. 
Little Miss is our sleepy head.
"I thought one got to sleep in on their birthday? Why are you waking me?"
After all cribs were stripped (because if you are changing 2 cribs you may as well change 4) we restarted our birthday kickoff with blueberry pancakes topped with homemade whip cream and of course sprinkles. What's a birthday without sprinkles? My 2 year olds each devoured 2 1/2 pancakes, 1 1/2 stripes of bacon and a quarter of an apple. They ate more than the big kids! We literally cleaned up breakfast, played outside and then ate lunch so they could get an early nap in before family arrived for a little birthday party. Some days I feel all I ever do is cook food, clean up dishes and repeat. I am not even joking when I say that as soon as I get a meal cleaned up someone is already asking for a snack. If they could at least let me get out of the kitchen before asking I may be okay with it but really, you just ate!!

This kid never makes it through a meal without asking for more.
I thought naps would go okay but my now terrible two'ers had other plans. An hour into naps I hear Tate screaming. Go up and check on him and he has dropped his pacifier out of his crib. He quickly laid back down and was quiet after he was given back his purple pacifier. Thirty minutes later he is screaming again. This time I send Paul as I am in the middle of preparing food for the party. Like I said I some days never leave my kitchen. This time Tate has a poopy diaper and once cleaned up he lays back down again. Thirty more minutes pass and I hear Tater Tot letting us know he is ready to join the party even though he has yet to fall asleep. Because it is his birthday I give up on naps for the boys. I was not so happy walking in this time though to a naked boy in his crib again. Two crib changes on the same crib is a bit too much for any mom. He was quickly sent outside before he woke his sisters and gave mom another reason to think that 4 two year olds were going to give me a run for my money. (Side note: We have now resorted to duct taping the boys diapers at nap and bedtime because the removal of diapers was not just a one day thing for them. Cute the first time, not so cute the second and after that I may have been thinking naughty words in my head.)

At four o'clock I came in the house to get the girls up and as I get near the stairs I can hear Isabella having one of her screaming fits. I found it odd that it sounded like their door was open. As I walked up the steps I was trying to figure out who had opened it because none of the kids had been upstairs, the cats can not get the doors opened and I am pretty sure there are no ghost living on the second floor of our house. As I rounded the corner into the girls bedroom I found a distraught Izzie who was contained in her crib and a frightened Kenzie who was standing in the doorway. How the peanut crawled out of her crib with a mattress that is literally on the floor I still have not figured out. I think Isabella scared her though with her screaming and fortunately Kenzie has yet to try it again. Just like I am not ready to potty train Tate even though he is totally showing signs that he is ready, I am also not ready to convert to toddler beds. Seven kids who can get out of bed at night to tell me just one more thing sounds awful.

Cousin Axel

20 weeks preggo and apparently daddy wants him/her to be a fan of beer. 
How many kids can fit on one trampoline?

The rest of the afternoon we had 2 year olds who behaved themselves. I may have bribed them with swimming, pizza, and cake but in the end we had quadlings who were ready for bed when they got tucked in way past their bedtime. I do not even want to imagine what these kids are going to get into this year. Because in our house, if one does something there are surly others right there to either assist or try out the exact same thing. I am just kind of hoping Isabella will remain my tattle tail instead of joining in on the fun. The Terrible Two adventures have begun...

The first one to dive right in.
Didn't take Tate long to follow his brother. 
It took Kenzie a little longer to dive into her cupcake but Izzie sat there until everyone else had left the table and then she started to eat hers. She sat quietly by herself until she was finished while Rylan cried the entire time because we would not give him another one.
"Brother is crying and I am not sharing. 
Grandma trying to get the fake crier to laugh. She had success!

Always wearing her beads.

My babies are growing up!!


  1. They're all so cute! But man, are we in for some long days ahead!!

  2. They are adorable! I cannot imagine 4 2 year olds getting into trouble together, 1 at a time was enough for me. Praying for you to get through it without to many hairs pulled out.

    Try putting their diapers on backwards, that always helped with my kids who liked to constantly pull them off. Well at least till they got older ;-)

  3. Oh goodness! The dreaded diaper removal AND a crib escape all on the same day??? They really tag teamed you on their birthday. They are all so stinkin' cute nonetheless.


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