August 26, 2014

Summer Recap

We can really call this what it is, summer pictures that didn't qualify for a post of their own. We are on our last day of summer because the girls start 1st grade tomorrow and once school begins summer has ended in my book. I may be counting down the hours until I send them into their classroom in the morning but more on that this week in an upcoming back to school post. So for today enjoy the highlights of our summer in pictures and if you want to truly experience our summer add in screaming quadlings, bickering 4 and 6 year olds and lots of attitude and you have pretty much enjoyed the last 3 months right along with us. 

Drew's love for soccer
Starting about February Drew started asking when he got to play soccer again. He did a 4 week camp last summer and even though it took him 3 of the 4 practices to warm up to it he fell in love with the game. He is actually quite good at it too. The town we live in does not have the typical one night a week for a month camps that our old town did but instead have a week long camp with players who actually come from South America. It was the best camp ever and Drew agreed. Next year he will do both the June and July camp and get to practice for 2 hours each day. Now if only I found watching soccer exciting!

Having so much fun doing something without any of his siblings.

This summer Paul's mom spent 7 weeks with us. The kids loved having their Grandma here and they all had a very hard time when she left. We keep hoping that someday they will leave those cold Minnesota winters and join us out here in California for good. When Grandma Lynn came she also brought along Grammie, the kids great grandma. And when she left Grandpa Rick came out. Lots of company which also meant more people to play with than just mom and dad. I have to say it was nice having others around for so long. I don't think I got the quads dressed once the entire time Lynn was here.

Grammie and Drew building Legos. Drew may have been assisting Grammie!
Happy '42' (or close to) Birthday Grandpa
I find it so funny how excited they are to see what is in each bag even though they wrapped them.

Timber (& other outside happenings)

Love that I find him more handsome each year.

Aubrey loves her baby brothers and sisters. Kenzie is still her favorite even though Kenzie would often wish someone else would fill that roll.

A couple months back Drew had insisted I take his training wheels off and it lasted all of 5 minutes before he told me he was going to put them back on. Once again he was adamant that he was ready to have them off. They came off right before nap time and we told him we would practice after he woke up. Aubrey and Drew got up and went outside and since they were playing so well together (as in we could hear no yelling taking place) we decided it was best to not check on them. After a while they came in and wanted to show us something. Aubrey all by herself taught her brother to ride his bike without his training wheels. He was so proud of himself and she may have even been prouder. I would not be surprised at all if Aubrey is a teacher when she grows up. She has more patience and the gentlest of voices when she is in a teaching moment. Drew now cruises around on his bike without any fear. And yes he is wearing princess protective gear, he has two older sisters.

When we moved into our house the front oak tree looked as if it could be dying. We were hoping that would not be the case and were really happy when it started leafing out this fall. Unfortunately after about a month we lost those leaves and we were left with a dead tree. When Paul's dad came out he told us he could take it down and both Paul and I were very nervous and I think Rick knew we were so he waited for a day when Paul was at work and then he got the chainsaw out.

This is the point were I texted Paul asking him if our home insurance was paid up. I took pictures and then headed inside because I could not watch the tree drop on my house. 

Down and not on top of my house. Of course I had confidence in his ability the entire time!

Tate kept pointing towards the tree all night. I  think he was worried that grandpa did something he was not suppose to.
Grandpa and Rylan having a celebratory drink.

Practicing present opening
Grandpa and grandma started the kids little people collection when the twins were very little. I love how well they hold up and even I have fun playing with them. I had mentioned that a farm would be awesome to add to the sets we already have. All 7 of the kids have enjoyed the quads gift this year.

Coppertone Babies
Since the majority of our waking hours this summer were spent in our pool the kids are sporting great tans. Thankfully we have no neighbors who can see our backyard because clothes may or may not have been optional. Underwear also classified as swim wear on more than one occasion. I think having a pool has made our warm summers so much more enjoyable. Plus the fact that I love water has made for a very happy momma.

This has to be one of my all time favorite pictures of Isabella.

My little brother and sister spent a couple of days with us and I am not sure if Paul and my brother in law had more fun or if Ella and Conner did. 

Talk about a skinny kid. I promise she does eat!

We have showered outside almost every night this summer.  After naps we spend the entire afternoon outside. We swim, eat dinner and shower to then come in the house to be tucked in. Amazing how clean the house stays when no one is inside it!

Discovering Parks
I was a bit nervous taking the quads to the park with just Drew because I had no idea if I would have four kids running in 50 different directions. Much to my surprise they all stayed with me. I have been very fortunate that none of my kids have been runners when we are not contained in our own yard. We are working on having the quads hold onto a rope that has rings for when we must walk in a parking lot and I am by myself. Run away 2 year olds and parking lots fill me with anxiety.

Swim team
From April til July, Natalie and Aubrey were on swim team. We of course had the occasional morning where we heard the 'I don't want to go' but as soon as we got to the pool they took off and were all smiles. Now at the beginning keeping 4 toddlers entertained was not bad. A couple snacks and a stroller and we were good. This lasted til about mid-May when they boycotted said stroller. Water and non swimmers makes me nervous so I was incredibly happy when Paul's mom was here and I could leave the quads home with her and I could take just the girls to practice. N & A loved having my full attention as they swam back and forth down the lanes. Going to the pool each morning was relaxing and therapeutic for me as long as I was not having to chase after little munchkins.

Being Kids

'I love everybody more then a princess. I hope you had a great day at work.'
This outfit belongs to a doll I had as a child and somehow my 2 year old fits into it. Time to grow little one...
She thought it was funny that her dress fit onto her dolly.

NICU hats still getting use two years later.
A typical Saturday morning
Jelly Belly Factory

Play date with a singleton, a set of twins, 2 sets of triplets and quads. What was even more amazing is that the moms even got to sit and chat even though we had 13 kids among us. 
This girl and her beads. 
Every morning the first thing she looks for are her necklaces.

County Fair
We have a county fair not far from us that reminds Paul and I so much of the kind of fairs we grew up with back in MN. We look forward to going every summer and it is amazing how much the older kids remember about it each year. They remember exactly what they did and what they got to eat from the year before so there is no telling them that they really did not get ice cream last year because they will even remember which booth we got it from. This year we told the kids early in the week that we would be going Thursday after everyone got up from their naps. Around 2pm Paul texted me telling me there was no way he would be getting home anytime soon because he was stuck at work. I had two choices; 1) tell the kids we couldn't go and hear the biggest sobs every or 2) take all 7 kids by myself. Well I decided #2 was going to be the easiest route and so I loaded everyone up, made sure I had enough snacks to keep the babies content and put a smile on my face because I had no other option. In the end we had so much fun. The kids were all excellent and on the way home I had a satisfied grin on my face. I had done the county fair alone with 7 kids and I never once had a kid complain, throw a tantrum and I kept my cool when we quickly became a main attraction. "They are not all yours, are they? Two sets of twins? You are alone with all those kids? I have never seen a stroller like that. I can't handle my two at the fair, how in the world do you do it with that many? Was that stroller expensive? What the f*** are those (Luckily for this person I was far enough from him when he said this otherwise I would have kindly informed him that they were called children and each of them was a gift from God. Seriously who even says things like that and out loud?)." And the top comment 'You have your hands full.' As far as how the kids respond to comments, some days they will answer and others they just keep on walking like they have heard it all ten million times. I am usually right with them on the smile and continue walking response. Sometimes it gets old and if I have to hear I have my hands full one more time I may just let them push the stroller so my hands aren't quite as full. Next year we hope daddy can join us because he was the only thing missing on our summer night at the fair.
The moment when I had everyone out of the stroller and I realized 'Holy cow I have a lot of kids!'

The kids are asleep in bed, uniforms are ready, lunches will soon be packed. We will be saying farewell to summer in about 10 hours but you can bet as long as it is still warm we will enjoy as many hours as we can soaking up the sun, splashing in the pool and enjoying everything summer until winter is upon us.

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  1. You are such an inspiration!! Love all the pics of the kids in the backyard, so glad y'all have been enjoying your pool.


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