August 16, 2014

Initiation by Popsicles

One may not remember their first icy cold popsicle that melted more over your hands than you got in your mouth. Nor do most parents remember their child's first popsicle much beyond the summer it happened in. But it is a big deal at that moment. It will probably only last 10 minutes but for those 10 minutes a child is initiated into summer. Lips and tongues turn red, or orange, or blue or purple depending on the flavor of popsicle that was chosen. Tummy's and hands drip with juice which leads to a sweet stickiness running down their chin and arms. Innocence is had while a child licks the melting treat never expecting the coldness they will experience when a chunk breaks off in their mouth . And one will never see bigger tears than when the popsicle lands on the ground as the child nears the end of the stick.

  1. 1.
    the warmest season of the year, in the northern hemisphere from June to August and in the southern hemisphere from December to February.

The definition of summer really should read as the following;

the warmest season of the year when one will find children running naked through sprinklers, licking popscicles of many different colors, all while staying up way past bedtime

So cold
Doesn't everyone eat popsicles while using the commode?
Monkey see, Monkey do.

The babies had their first popsicle a couple day after I had had surgery and though I remember either seeing or hearing about it at the time, when I looked at the pictures that were on my memory card I asked Paul and his mom which one of them remembered to capture it with the camera. They both looked at me and Paul informed me that I had been the one to take them. Guess those drugs I was on were working!

Summer is almost behind us but we are enjoying as many days outside soaking in the warm sun before it is replaced with rainy days.  How many more popsicles will you enjoy before summer is over?

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  1. First Popsicles are so much fun! Our quads loved them, but I'm yet to buy more...


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